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    55 Water Street; New Plaza Designs

    Heh, I like it too. But the building itself is still horrible.
  2. 9-12 Barclay Street & More

    I kinda like the Barclay one. But the skin stinks. Directors' Guild of America Tower *is really cool. :D

    (Edited by NYC kid at 4:54 pm on Nov. 26, 2002)
  3. 7 WTC renderings

    I absolutely love this. :) That design is!!! Much nicer than the original.
  4. 7 WTC renderings

    Yes! FINALLY! Ive been waiteing for these for like...forever.
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    Tall Tower Near Ground Zero Is Proposed - 90 Stories

    awesome. :D This is just what downtown needs!
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    Downtown skyline...

    I agree with NYguy. Downtowns skyscrapers are really close together which gives it a "canyon affect" as I call it.
    I love that.
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    Downtown skyline...

    wow. Those are really good pics. They really show that downtown still has a great skyline without the world trade center. But the World Financial Center looks all alone and somewhat misplaced now....
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    New York & All Its Glory

    I would love to live in New York. It's my dream to live there and work there when I grow up. I love to be among all of the skyscrapers and culture. It rules. I wish I could do it more. :)
  9. Windermere at Ninth Avenue and 57th Street

    Ooh, I like that design! I hope it gets built!
  10. Windermere at Ninth Avenue and 57th Street

    yea, me too. Its not all that great. A tall skyscraper looks like it would fit well there.
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    Old pics / aerials of The City.

    wow, those are really nice pics!! wow. American International is still under construction! O_O
  12. Winter Garden of World Financial Center

    wow, its looking really nice. :) *I'm definately making this one of my destinations for my next trip to New York this winter. That glass wall looks like it gives a good view!
  13. American Standard (Radiator)

    wow. great shots. This building is very different. Ya dont see buildings with that kind of color often. Its very different. And stylish.
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    AOL Time Warner Center

    wow. looks like its almost done. I cant wait until it is.
  15. Woolworth Building

    Those are three of my favorites too. Though I like the Empire State Building slightly better.

    Maybe your right Fabb...The World Trade Center went well with Woolworth...
  16. 30 Hudson Street

    I like it. :) Anything by Cesar Pelli catches my attention. I kinda wish it was on the other side of the river though.
  17. Woolworth Building

    lol. BBQ...mmm...

    Woops! *wipes off drool* ahem!

    The Woolworth building is one of my favorite buildings in downtown. It makes a big impact on the skyline especially now that the WTC is gone...
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