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  1. No-Op?

    If a nondo is a condo that will never happen, what do we call a coop that won't happen?
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    Developer is Retired NYC Fireman

    I saw only the NYT picked up this little tidbit. Think it is a really sad accident and hope that it was indeed nothing more that a freak accident. Cantor Pecorella is going to have a lot of fun...
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    Worst Sales People?

    Don't know if they are the worst. Some of the resale brokers from Elliman look like drag queens.

    They HAVE cut some prices. Go to to find them. I wouldn't live in the location...
  4. Boutique hotel indeed


    Sounds like total broker babble to me. It is a crappy hostel that would not sell out to Related. If they wouldn't sell to Related why would they sell out to a hotel owner?? If you hate this...
  5. Home Inspector?

    I don't think you want to spend to the money on an engineer but you might be able to hire a home inspector like they use in the burbs. Something in writing saying the walls are not up to standards...
  6. Calm Down People

    As a former reinsurance underwriter I know a tad about this. Part of the common charges cover insurance of all kinds for the building. Anybody who got any amount of financing had to get a copy of the...
  7. Subway Not Coming

    Speaking about getting around town, does anybody feel snookered that the subway will not be extended to 41 and 11th? I know the sales folks insisted it was coming as did some of the resale...
  8. Tonight's Party

    Can someone take photos of the new models onsite and post them for all us wired junkies to see? Thanks in advance.
  9. Offering Plan Approval?

    Anyone know what the deal is? I heard that there might be some issue with the sub-basement according to someone in the sales office. Any sleuths out there no what is going on? Wondering if any of the...
  10. Gary Barnett/Carlyle Investors

    Will I concur with the others that it won't make any difference in the day to day lives of owners in Extell buildings you gotta love that a somewhat religious jew who started as a diamond guy is now...
  11. 1600 Time Shares

    SMG- Happy you are happy living at 1600. Do you know that a lot of it was sold as time shares? I don't know how you can compare the two buildings, you live in a building with a giant sign and a candy...
  12. Harrison On Market Yet

    Did you end up buying at Harrison? I didn't think they were doing contracts yet. Inquiring minds at Wired want to know
  13. ELad and Good Reputation?


    You might want to speak to folks who bought at 49 E 21st Street and 21 Astor. I believe they are both in litigation with Elad about problems with the apartments and are filing...
  14. Arches on 76th Street Side

    Looks better than the earlier version but I still don't get why the front door will be on 76th Street, one of the ugliest block in that area. Amsterdam would be far better, or 77th Street. At least...
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    Nevermind about Crescent Club

    Having seen the area I would not consider a purchase here. Not my cup of tea
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    Neighborhood around Crescent?

    I am considering a purchase here. I like the layout of the unit, amenities and the outside/inside designs.

    My main concern now is the area. I know it will change with time but how grungy should...
  17. Closing costs

    I think you made a don't pay one year's cc, just one or two months along with other high costs.:eek:
  18. 421-a taxes at 200 WEA

    Why would the abatement be any better than at the two buildings on W. 59th Street? This is an established area so I would expect the taxes to be higher at 200 WEA. Also they don't have flip taxes...
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    Abigal Michaels

    This is a really nice service. I am personal friends with both Abbie and Michael the owners. The buildings pay for their service so they do not mark up the costs.
  20. Premliminary Certificate of Eligibility

    The Cerificate of Eligibility is Docket #TEO5850 and it is stamped at 2:52PM on June 26, 2006..
  21. Extell Will be processing needed payment on Monday

    I have just spoken to Ms. Haas. Extell received the fee due to HPD late Friday and will process and make the payment on Monday. No need for everyone to call.
  22. Quit Yer Bitching

    If any of you have bought new contstuction you would realize that as you close you will have to pay all your common changes, end of story. If you withhold any part of them, the condo can put liens on...
  23. PTAC In Glass Building?

    If they have the standard units for HVAC, they will take up lots of space in the rooms. Very bad idea for what looks like a nice glass tower.
  24. Party Pictures

    This is the link for the pictures from the party for those of you that couldn't make it.:D
  25. Thanks

    Thanks for straightening me out. I guess Moinan is using the same architect which is why I got confused. I wonder how the views will be comprised if there are two tall towers so near each other.
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