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    7 Bryant Park - 1045 6th avenue

    Anyone know what they are doing at 1041 6th avenue? Corner of 39th street.
    There is a Waldorf Demolition sign on there & they seem to be ripping down the roof.

  2. Wyndham Hotel - next to Stratus

    I think the previous post about a Wyndham hotel next to the Stratus is a typo. There a Wyndham hotel opening up soon at 37 West 24th Street (between 5th & 6th ave). Can't imagine two Wyndham hotels...
  3. Anyone know who owns the air rights to 112 West...

    Anyone know who owns the air rights to 112 West 25th, or how many floors they are allowed to build on that lot. This lot is located directly due west of the Chelsea Stratus.

    Extell buys...
  4. Glassy Section

    I believe the glassy section on the 3 floor will be a gym, lounge, & 1/2 court basketball court (north part). The 1st & 2nd floors will be retail.
    Also, Lofter1 is correct. I hate the fact they...
  5. First batch have been released. 3-26-2007

    First batch have been released. What do you guys think of the pricing? I would have like to purchase a 2BR, in the 1030 to 1060SF range, but they went from ~830SF 1BR directly to 1150SF 2BR's. ...
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