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  1. Clearly this is one of those contentious...

    Clearly this is one of those contentious buildings . . . I've seen it from 2 different perspectives recently, not in midtown often but I was at that corner last week, and then I accompanied the...
  2. Yale - new Robert Stern-designed residential colleges

    I'm so glad/relieved this project is finally going forward. I wanted to post renderings but I guess I'm too new at this to figure out just how to do it. No "Limestone Jesus" for New Haven, but I...
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    Poll: The Rubin is a vital Manhattan institution, with...

    The Rubin is a vital Manhattan institution, with possibly fragile finances - their permanent collection of Himalayan Buddhist art is an invaluable resource, and their special exhibitions offer topics...
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    First, I want to say thanks to all the...

    First, I want to say thanks to all the commentators who have kept me in touch with my city for so many years. I feel like I know your personalities by screen name at this point. You're bright and...
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    further air rights info

    According to a mailing I received this week from St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, Extell has also purchased the unused development rights from the St. Thomas Choir School on West 58th Street - at $185...
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