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  1. Saffster - you lucky dude . . .

    Sheffield57 having even more problems.
    Alot of units are getting flooded. Seems there are problems with the piping due to the extensive renovation. People come home finding tons of water in the...
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    Sticky: bad condtruction

    some developers know that buyers dont have a clue about quality. Especially with foreign buyers who will sublet and sell to some other sucker down the road.
    Although not new construction,...
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    Sticky: Hi everyone, what is the typical time . ..

    that once a contract is signed for a new or renovated condo, that the buyer can back out after the contract is signed ???
    lets say the condo unit isnt ready .
    a year , 6 months ??

  4. I know someone w closed on a 1031 unit (which does not require TCO

    . . .
    these are the old non renovated units. These were the old rentals.
    In some ways they are better than the new ones.but they dont have the nicer appliances and marble kitchens/bathrooms. The...
  5. a DOB inspection is slowing the TCO's

    they may have done a preliminary inspection (plumbing?) but they have NOT done an inspection for the TCO .

    end of January ?
    so how many days did that come out to in which case u can back...
  6. hi Ekartash

    just curious what your contract says about how much time you have untill you can back out of the deal.

    ive heard no TCO 's yet . But the non renovated units are closing.
    but those need no CO's .
  7. Link price appreciation ????

    Hi all,

    just vurious if someone bought pre construction inthis building lets say May 2006 do you think
    its worth more now ??

    also was there an anti flip clause ?
  8. those North facing Matropolitan tower . . .

    folks cant be happy. They will lose their central park view.
    how much % does a condo with a park view lose when the view is gone ?

    as to the Safdie's columbus circle proposal i like the time...
  9. to answer your question . .

    the tenants there would have to stay as holdover tenants until the black book comes out.once in residence at black book time they then have to hope that Judge Cohen's ruling is upheld on appeal.
  10. Replies

    i believe this is the building . . .

    that gives the north facing owners of Metropolitan tower the shaft. No more Central Pak views for them.
    unless they are above the 50 floor.
    gotta watch those air rights.
  11. Bubble time . . .when people buy what they cant even see

    they can say a unit is 800 sq feet and it can be a closet. do they calculate through the brick ?? I saw plans for a unit there. the one bedrooms seem small.and you cant trust the dimensions.
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    Sticky: imagine people buying pre construction

    that has to be nuts .
    they lie about square footage and your stuck in a closet.
    in some places they count sq footage through the brick;and even pipe areas behind walls right through to the...
  13. NY observer article on the Sheffield

    there is asbestos there btw
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    Sticky: Whats the skinny on the "sheffield57 conversion on w 57 st?

    says occupancy March 2007 but its delayed.
  15. Anyone have an architect to do a building project audit?

    its to check a developers plans submitted to the DOB for a big coop condo conversion.
    the firm/architect has to know building codes and see the big picture .

  16. Sheffield Driveway

    Its in the hands of the NYC Dept of City Planning not DOB
    They want to put the moved driveway in a privately owned public space

    [Can't seem to pinpoint the application for changes to the...
  17. the sliver

    hate to be on that top floor on a windy day.nice case of sea sickness. i bet there wont be a counterweight in there either.
    btw there is a computer controlled counterweight in the citibank tower...
  18. Lobby

    yes they will expand the lobby but they dont have a permit for the driveway and may never get one.
    pretty funny having an exit to the plaza only.

    the buyers dont know this and its not in the...
  19. Wouldnt want to own in Metropolitan Tower looking north. . .

    looks like their view looking to the park will be impacted by this new building. This is the third or second time they got screwed.Commercial building next door got some of them .
    Forgot the name...
  20. Sheffield ripoff . . .

    the old driveway is boarded up because the lobby is being expanded to that area.
    but the new proposed driveway is literally right next to your building. that Plaza will be practically destroyed....
  21. Sheffield conversion what u need to know.

    the conversion is a ripoff.

    In the expansion of the lobby, they have to move the driveway. They have NO PERMIT FOR THIS and may never get it .the Park Vendome must give permission.
  22. Looking to rent a sublet in a condo. Whats the best way ??

    I'm looking for an apartment now but it seems some of the nicest
    buildings are condo's.
    so i wouldnt mind subletting but i just hate the thought of paying some
    real estate agent a ridiculous...
  23. construction on 56 st and West Side Highway . . .

    they tore down a building that went over 56 st and are building something
    to replace it. its on both corners of 56 st and West Side Highway. any idea what it will be ??

    old spot was drab and ...
  24. epeople here know alot so here goes . . . ...

    epeople here know alot so here goes . . .

    whats the story with the quasi abandoned building on the corner of
    57 st and 9th ave SW corner ???

    seems there are two holdout apartments in that...
  25. whats the status of the project now ??

    did they even start yet ??

    views west should be fantastic
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