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  1. Abatement calc

    Nobody subject to AMT would purchase for the abatement unless he expected to be subject to AMT for the forseeable future.

    Because AMT removes the tax preference for RE tax deduction, the actual...
  2. Boo hoo!

    There's no reason the government should continue to provide a tax shelter for upper income purchasers of residential real estate, even if these same upper income purchasers prefer to regard...
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    Try harder, they're in Wikipedia

    [/URL]see: [URL=""]Steven Leopold
  4. I find it a bit surprising that anyone ...

    ... would want to hedge the prospects for real estate.

  5. Depends on how you read the preceding paragraph.

    If you consider just the first sentence about the hyperactive market slowing down, then developers should be short futures. If you consider what follows about supply shortages resulting from...
  6. More economic illiteracy

    "Some developers may be hedging their bets by buying futures in building materials."

    The proper hedge if you fear a collapse in the market is to sell the bloody futures.

    I hate financial...
  7. Some aspects of life in the city are foreign to me ...

    Indeed they are. Blame the INS.

    But that's also why there would be something interesting about featuring a different building each week.

    It's one small island yet we live such different lives....
  8. Yes, a new building each week ...

    But I'd prefer Noir to Twilight Zone.

    Which raises another issue. The majority of these supers, Danny certainly, come from countries that were still in the business of ethnic cleansing, i.e.,...
  9. Only in New York?

    1) If only in New York, then certainly pandemic in New York. You obviously haven't been watching your supers.

    2) Forget Danny Milic getting a TV series. I want to turn this into something that I...
  10. 200 West 86th Street - Upper West Side

    From the center of the real estate feeding frenzy: 200 West 86th.

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    There's more to 'Tubby' than meets the eye.

    Whcih reminds me of an old joke. There was a woman who was sooooooo fat that when sat around the house she sat arooooound the house.

    I like that one. Fun to tell your friends when you're standing...
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    Case of demonic possession. The exorcists have been called.
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