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  1. 440 West 42nd

    Any new news on this building..have they even started on pouring the foundation? this still going to be a condo/office building?
  2. view killer deal...

    to Lofter.....thanks for posting that article on the two buildings that were just traded on 9th and you know how high could they build on that site?...did the company who bought those to...
  3. 440 west 42nd

    any news on what exactly is being built here....have they started erecting the building yet?
  4. views to the west

    in the New York Post they stated that Tribeach Holdings is going to proceed with building at 38 storey building on the west side of 8th across between 46th and 47th....will this really block the...
  5. next building

    I was told by the sales person that the second tower here will be rentals and not that means there will be three new towers on west 42nd needing to fill up their vacancy in the next...
  6. new hotel

    so where exactly are they building this hotel..near the McSams' Hotels on 39th?
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    Hudson Hill Condo's West 58th

    This new development started sales last October I think, and they do not have have many ( or none) contracts out.....what is it about this building that is not attracting buyers.....the builder has...
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    Sticky: Offerings on new construction

    what type of negotiations are people getting now on new you see people coming in at 10% below asking price or only negotiating on closing costs?
  9. mispelled....I mean Eighth.......

  10. New Projects between 50th and 65th west of Eigth

    Does anyone know of any new condo construction projects that are about to start North of 50th Street and South of 65th street ( or so) on the West Side?
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    Hudson Hill Condos

    what is your opinion on the New Hudson Hill Condos on west 58th street?....on style, design......its done by the same company that is doing Oculus and Indigo..but this one seems to come short on...
  12. 425 West 53rd Street - The Dillon - Hell's Kitchen

    i was walking over by 53rd and 9th..and there is a construction site on the west side of 9th and north of 53rd I think.....does anyone know what they are building there?
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    Will this building block any views for the residents at The Plattium?

    then at what point in clinton can you not build a 50 story building?

    what kind of height restrictions are applied to 43rd street....does 43rd street fall in line with the clinton area limitations? Could they build a high rise on the south side of 43rd street?
  17. Harrison Sales office

    has anyone gone thru the new sales office yet..wondering how the finishes and appliances are in the units.....
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    Lines At Ellis Island

    what time do we need to get in line at the ferry for ellis island...trying to avoid the long lines?:confused:
  19. southern views

    the building that is listed here on the forum called on 8th and 46th street , that is owned by realated..does anyone know how big that building is going to be and how will if affects the views at the...
  20. Harrison

    the contracts are not out as of 8/27/2008..they say three more weeks..........
  21. loud noises

    to a/c unit too, is real loud when it kicks on and off.....I tried tightening the bolts around the unit, and that did help a little bit. How would you put in a new system?
  22. Thread: Steakhouse

    by Drexel


    who is the best steakhouse in NYC ?
  23. thermostat

    In response to your air-conditioning question...I have had all kinds of problems with my A/c..and have the engineers from the building, Penmark and some other people over.....( are you in the H line...
  24. Sales

    you dont see much advertising on this building.....sales center and all...isnt this about the time they should be selling these units?
  25. Contracts

    I just got my phone call from the sales office confirming that I will be purchasing in this building. Has anyone else received this phone call yet? Also, if you are purchasing in this building what...
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