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    back up and running

    Sorry everyone. We moved out of the old apt on May 1 and obviously took the computer and wireless system out with us. Then we were busy rearranging the new apt., then out of town on vacation.
  2. Top of the Rock- the full story

    I visited TOTR on Friday morning. You would have thought the place would be packed with tourists and shoppers but it wasn't. Your ticket specifies a 15 minute window. don't be fooled- you will not...
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    if you don't like the idea

    just visit Moscow, which doesn't even make most drivers pay for parking- it has become a nightmare. The reality is that in exchange for paying the congestion charge, drivers should expect to spend...
  4. "Berlin Wall" on E 96th

    I lived for a year at "Dormandie Court" (215 E 95th) and a year at 201 E 91st. That was a decade ago when we were all exclaiming about how rapidly crime was falling- and of course it has fallen even...
  5. zippy the chimp and tripods

    zippy- I don't understand it. Can I take my tripod up or not? No point in taking a camera at night without it. Do you think they are "worried about security" so you'll pay them $ for shots? Thanks
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    to Ninjahedge

    They aren't going to build anything too tall down on the waterfront b/c zoning disallows new construction that blocks the views of the people up on the hill. As for that huge house overlooking the...
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    "If you're paying more than 1 1/4%, you're...

    "If you're paying more than 1 1/4%, you're paying too much!"

    so long as there are "suicide notes," excuse me, I meant "freedom loans," for the marginal buyer to get into the market, the market...
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    I am smoking crack

    in my experience, people with undermarket rents are usually more than glad to evacuate such apartments in order to accomodate newcomers to the city. It's just part of the warm NYC hospitality that...
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    move along, nothing to see here

    Download "Google Earth" to your own computer and you can get all this without bothering with this message board.
  10. what is this, Uzbekistan?

    Last time I was hassled about taking pics in the subway was in Uzbekistan in 1998. Sad to think we are now in that group.
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    midtown guy- upper picture was taken in Thira,...

    midtown guy-
    upper picture was taken in Thira, second picture taken in the harbor. Oia not visible in either pic but you will like it a lot. Less crowded than Thira, great sunsets from there too.
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    it's really sad to read about this hack...

    it's really sad to read about this hack politician saying that Newark can't "take away" JFK's status as New York's #1 airport. JFK is a dump. Newark is a modern airport that a major city can be...
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