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  1. clarification

    On my previous comment - I remarked about government subsidized housing. I did some research and can't confirm there was any government subsidy here, so maybe the whole thread on poor people or poor...
  2. offend the senses?

    Hi there.

    It's not clear to me that a pretty exterior doesn't cost money. The building is ordinary, but I just don't see it "offending the senses." There's no broken glass, its not covered in...
  3. hmmm, perhaps I misunderstood

    Actually, I think I'm confused. Is the 42nd street building also non-union, or is that union. Perhaps if it was union they could have built something prettier if they had saved on wages, but I may...
  4. making good use of my tax money it seems

    I think there is a smear campaign out against this guy by labor union supporters on this thread. Given that the building on 42nd street is for low income seniors, it looks pretty good to me. The...
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