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  1. Brooklyn at a budget

    There is a very nice place in Brooklyn for bargain hunters like you. The place is called East New York, Brooklyn. It's a 10 minute subway ride from Wall Street. You will feel right at home with...
  2. Downtown Jen

    Article from the New York Post Online: Page Six TM By. Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Bill Hoffmann and Corynne Steindler - Oct. 5, 2007

    October 4, 2007 -- JENNIFER Aniston has snatched...
  3. Dan Hisel's Z Box

    How about the pod concept taken up a notch.

    Dan Hisel - Z Box
  4. Replies

    Here is the deal, you decide.

    Streeteasy has the sampling online:

    Check out the description, prices and floorplans at the Corcoran site: Click each unit...
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    Price will increase

    Yes. Once the initial percentage is met, the developer can file the necessary permits. Expect the amended plan offering to increase price/ft. drastically.

    That's what happened to 15 Broad and...
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    bait and switch

    That is the oldest marketing ploy in the books. Developers advertise $750/ft but everything at that price range is sold out. They will steer you to the more expensive units at a higher premium. ...
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    15 Broad Street

    I know Downtown by Starck has some condos for rent. $3K might get you a nice studio at around 700sf. Best bang for the buck in FiDi. The new building and top notch spa amenities are nice bonuses.
  8. Article from The New York Sun by: Jay Akasie

    Young Brokers: Spend Big, Michael Shvo Advises

    Special to the Sun
    March 1, 2007

    It's difficult to imagine a time in the New York real estate world when Michael Shvo was an...
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    Bedroom issue

    Or maybe, replace the living room and make that the bedroom (to get the windows). Then move the living room or Home Theater to any of the windowless H.O.'s. Reconfiguring to get a bedroom can be...
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    Starck Floorplan

    Maybe that's why the Downtown by Starck condo is selling at $900/ft as opposed to other developments downtown. The floorplans do not have legal bedrooms (i.e., Home Office). The no windows in the...
  11. Try 15 Broad Street or The Cipriani at 55 Wall. ...

    Try 15 Broad Street or The Cipriani at 55 Wall. if you can wait a bit.. 20 Pine Street (the Armani Condo).
  12. Article from Yahoo Finance: Apollo Fund...

    Article from Yahoo Finance:

    Apollo Fund Finances New York Residential Development

    Wednesday November 15, 10:06 am ET

    NEW YORK, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Apollo Real Estate Advisors' debt...
  13. 20 Pine gets more ca$h

    Article from Multi-Housing News:

    Apollo Real Estate Advisors Provides $90M Loan for Luxury Condo Community

    By Kelly Sheehan, Online News Editor

    NOVEMBER 16,...
  14. 20 Pine Street: It's Party Time

    All Benefits are not created equal:

    It's time to shindig at 20 Pine. LMCC Benefit:"Games People Play" Nov. 8, 2006 at 6pm.
  15. windows

    Looks like the east side of 20 Pine is getting a few new windows. I've counted about 50. Looks like construction is humming along nicely. Anybody with updates?
  16. More Construction Pics

    More Construction Pics
  17. Construction Update: 09/07/06

    Construction Update: 09/07/06
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    Looking for that "dream" two bedroom will be...

    Looking for that "dream" two bedroom will be difficult without a broker. Searching the web won't guarantee that because 90% of all that is listed out there are from brokers.

    Oh yeah.. there is...
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    Yeah... $3,000 will get you a two bedroom walk up...

    Yeah... $3,000 will get you a two bedroom walk up with a fire escape for a porch in Delancey Street next to the projects. Forget about central A/C, heat or washer/dryer.

    That is if you can find...
  20. waiting game 2

    "why dont these people cut their price and maybe get some action?"

    Answer: A lot of these sellers on crack are not desperate to let go of their property. They can wait it out too. I remember...
  21. waiting game

    Yep. Everybody is waiting for the big price drops. The only problem is, they have been waiting too long. In the meantime, prices in Manhattan have steadily kept pace with inflation and keeps...
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    Nothing below 116th street

    2 bedrooms for $3,000? I don't think so. It is almost impossible to get anything at your price below 116th street. You might have a better chance if you look into Harlem, South Bronx, Elmhurst or...
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    Sorry... but it is only you. Scaffoldings are...

    Sorry... but it is only you.

    Scaffoldings are a necessary component in building repairs and construction used for the safety of the workers and most importantly for pedestrians like you and me.
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    The Novare

    If you want to see something really classic, just follow this thread on
  25. exotic mortgage = interest only, 10/1 Arm,...

    exotic mortgage = interest only, 10/1 Arm, 80-10-10, balloon mortgage, reverse mortgage etc. etc. etc.

    It is possible to buy a home without a downpayment. Some mortgages cover that too.
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