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Thread: Park Slope

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    Default Park Slope

    Brownstone, and much more. Limestone, brick, terra cotta, rough-cut granite, even a little clapboard.

    Litchfield Villa

    Built by Edwin Litchfield in 1857 on the ridge at what would have been 10th Ave (now within Prospect Park), overlooking the tract of frarmland he bought. The parks dept was to restore the stucco facade over a decade ago, but it never happened.;pagewanted=1

    Corncob Corinthians

    Montauk Club

    Montgomery Place

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    The new construction will get a revisit to see how it turns out.

    William Thallon, Edward Bunker Houses, 176-178 St Johns Pl. both were doctors, and one was proud of it.

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    Lillian Ward House, 7th Ave & Sterling Pl.
    The house was spared destruction in what was the worst airline disaster in the US.

    Beth Elohim Temple. Beaux Arts limestone

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    St Augustine's Romanesque tower

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    Water main damage on Prospect Park West

    Across the street, one of the pre-war apartment buildings. I think this one is the tallest in the neighborhood.

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    It's a mystery to me too.

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    3rd St has deep front yards.

    There has been a decades-long effort to extend the Park Slope historic district, including the 7th Ave commercial strip.

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    There are notable buildings in the undesignated areas.

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    PS 39, built when the NYC public school system was the model.

    Down the street, Pospect branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

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    Union St

    116 Berkeley. The tag states C1862. The brownstone next door was put up in 1885.

    Not far away - "renovations."

    Way down the slope, on 9th St near 4th Ave, a survivor on a busy 4 lane street.
    The Second Empire William Cronyn house, built C1855.

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    Stylish buildings. The pride of Brooklyn.

    Essence of Brooklyn, much discussed these days: what I carry away with me about that from this exhibit is that Brooklyn was once wholeheartedly dedicated to cutting-edge excellence in architecture.

    The folks who think the essence of Brooklyn lies in brownstones at Atlantic Yards don't understand the greatness of their borough's architectural past. That was then, this is now; then was Park Slope, now is Atlantic Yards, and it's time Brooklyn showed a little pride and awoke from its somnolent resting on past laurels. Time to recognize the elevator's been invented. (Go on pretending it hasn't in Park Slope!)

    Brooklyn needs a little (really, a whole lot of) up-to-the-minute architectural distinctiveness to pick up the thread of its heritage. The last outstanding Brooklyn landmark may have been the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. It's time this borough made its mark in the 21st Century; those Park Slopers knew a thing or two about not being timid.

    Boldness please, Brooklyn; it's in your bones.

    No more farting around.

    * * *
    PS That "renovated" brownstone is the real abomination!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc
    * * *
    PS That "renovated" brownstone is the real abomination!

    The addition of a proper cornice would help the look a great deal. They could stand to soften the entry a touch too.

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    Thumbs up

    Greats photos, Thank You ChippyTheChimp

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    A small delight:

    What can you tell us about this, Zippy?

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