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    Default Tribeca

    Historic District Map

    1 York St being gutted.

    2 White St, 1809. One of the oldest buildings in lower Manhattan. Formerly the Liquor Store Bar. An argument developed between landlord and tenant, but the place was quickly leased. The new tenant applied for an outdoor seating permit, but there was flack from some residents. Nothing since.

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    Churrascaria Plataforma - Brazilian steakhouse.

    Next door was El Teddy's. Now a residential development.

    48 Laight, with the obligatory bank at the ground floor.

    Benheim Building

    55 White St, 1861 cast iron.
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    Varick and West Broadway merge. The left side of the Leggett Building (center) was sliced off when Varick was widened.

    The street being cut through here and on 6th Ave-Church have destroyed much of the streetwall, leaving pie-shaped lots that are difficult to develop.

    Update: Scaffolding going up.

    Square Diner. There were many places like this when the neighborhood was all work. You knew the waitresses by name; they asked if you wanted the usual and how was the family. The tab was low and the tip was generous.

    Louis Provenzano car dealership and repair shop. I used to see a few exotics on the sidewalk, but not too much selling or repairing, so I'm not sure what went on here.

    Now Buster's Garage (sports bar), but was known it would be temporary. Soon to be developed as 180 West Broadway

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    Powell Building - Nobu

    116 Hudson St. They got this one right.

    Megu, on Thomas St

    The narrow Thomas St ran through the grounds of the New York Hospital, a 6 acre plot between Broadway and Church, from Worth to Duane. It was part of the Lispenard Meadows farm tract. The Lispenard name figures prominently in the development of the area. Besides Lispenard St, others are named for sons - Thomas, Leonard, and Anthony (now Worth St).

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    Bouley Bakery

    Nice renovation. Silly addition.

    Next to an MTA substation

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    A local architect took a lot of heat for creating this monstrosity on West Broadway and Warren St. There was no hardship in developing the property that required the addition. It was dirty, but intact. There was always a retail presence on the ground floor, starting with an electronics store, the northern reaches of Radio Row.

    The same thing was done up the block at Church. The project was welcomed because it was to restore the streetwall to Church by incorporating several buildings that were falling apart. The result is horrible, and the Church St side doesn't look like the front.

    This led to the historic district being extended to the south, protecting midblock buildings such as this.

    The Cary Building at Chambers and Church - never meant to be a corner building. Buildings were sliced off when the subway was built. At the right of the photo, a hotel is going up on one of the narrow lots.

    Street sign on the NW corner of Warren and West Broadway.

    In the 1750s, West Broadway was called Chapel St.

    In 1754, King's College was founded by royal charter of King George II, and classes were held on Trinity Church grounds. In 1760, the school moved into its own building on land donated by Trinity Church at present day Park Pl.

    Classes were suspended during the Revolution, when British troops occupied the building. In 1784 when classes resumed with a new charter, it was thought that the name King's was inappopriate, and it was changed to Columbia College.

    In 1830, the stretch of West Broadway beween Warren and Barclay St was renamed College Pl. In 1857, Columbia sold the campus and moved to Madison and E49th St. The main hall of the Park Pl campus was demolished in 1860.

    It doesn't look like one, but it's a Gerken.

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    Cosmopolitan Hotel

    It was always a hotel, going back to the 1850s. The Hudson River Railroad was nearby. Formerly called the Hotel Bond, it was a flophouse in the decades before its renovation. Abraham Lincoln was never a guest.

    Farmers Market at Washington Market Park

    Duane Park

    The last food purveyors were here, the wide intersection of Duane-Reade providing space for large trucks to unload.

    Staple St, leading to the Mercantile Exchange.

    The Butter & Cheese Exchange

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    Architect builds his own home.

    Mohawk Electric Company Building. Bouly's Danube restaurant in the right foreground.

    Greenwich St narrowed by three lanes.

    Harrison Houses.

    1820s Federal row houses, originally along Washington St. They were moved around the corner to Harrison St when the Independence Plaza-BMCC superblock was built. The city restored them in the 70s and put them up for sale for about $40,000. The restoration is not great by present standards, but at least they were saved, and a reminder of what was lost. A small section of Washington St remains.

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    Leonard St

    7 doesn't look so good from this side.


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    Many of the old warehouses did not survive, replaced by post-war small factories that are now either abandoned or parking garages. There is very little retail.

    River lofts taken earlier this year

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    Some construction has begun:

    The garage on Greenwich and Hubert St has been demolished.

    The two parking lots near River Lofts

    500 Canal St

    That's all folks!

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you ZippyTheChimp for the walk in the district for Tribeca. Great

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    Great tour-of-the-town,,,I am going back to take the entire tour one more time!


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