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    Default Hookah Bars

    My friends from out of town are coming in and really want to hit up a hookah bar. I have been to a few. With that said the atmosphere is nothing speacial. I have been to Cozy which is on 1st and 1st as well as Sahara East in the E. Village, and a Hookah bar on 2nd Ave.

    Where is a Hookah bar that is very swanky and a lot of fun, not your regular hole in the wall. Thanks.

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    Default gotta luv hookah

    karma is a really nice hookah bar - very intimate setting, nice bartenders, good selection of hookah. its downtown in the village.
    if you're in bklyn i just read a review for Banbalotto in williamsburg ~ i haven't been there yet, but from TimeOut NY's review, it sounds like a really nice place.

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    Bungalow 32 in Astoria is really good .. take the N to Broaway and walk up broadway to 32nd St.

    Kush is REAL swanky
    191 Chrystie St.
    New York, NY 10002


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    Would someone mind explaining what a hookah bar is? Last I heard, you smoke a little something green out of hookahs. What do you smoke in these bars? Tobacco? Just curious....

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    Well a Hookah is a water pipe that normally you smoke tobacco out of. The tobacco is mixed with molasses or honey and dried fruits or some sort of extract to give its flavor.

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    Default La Souk

    La Souk. IIRC it's on Ave A, but I could be wrong.

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    Question smoking hookah

    Quote Originally Posted by shocka View Post
    Well a Hookah is a water pipe that normally you smoke tobacco out of. The tobacco is mixed with molasses or honey and dried fruits or some sort of extract to give its flavor.

    You're right. Just because your friends are in the "Big Apple" you want to take them out to mess with rain, mud puddles, bodies in the street snoozing off a good drink?
    Now is the time to buy your own high class hookah with a multiple-hose (1-5) .You can sit together in your own home and its so much more intimate. For the same price as paying your guest's cover charge, $10 beers (one) and the over rated over priced hookah smoke. Why don't you buy your own multiple or single hosed shisha hookah and great tobaccos sweetened with honey and fruit according to your choosing:apple, orange, strawberry, lemon, cherry, coca cola, cardamaon, cinnimon, chocolate-mint, mint, pina colada, etc. I looked all over the web for a long time, bought by a number of online hookah stores, and after buying twice at "" I have to say a good word. as a returning customer I know the prices, quality and varied products are top-notch and the cheapest since their buyers buy straight in India,Chinaand the Middle East.
    I bought a large hookah a few years back in the Nazareth,Israel Arab market, and comming home I found cheap materials, bent, dented and it didn't last so long! Best to buy with a guarantee from a world wide experienced company., like smoking-hookah com. Sheeshabum

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    try at St. Marks and 2nd ave

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    Does anyone know any hookah places that dont check id for drinks or hookah I know it depends on wh you are now at sahara along with Rico but do any of the nicer laces like Kush and Karma who have seperate rooms for events would they be big on id for hookah and drinks with large groups?

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