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Thread: Bush Assassinated in New Film

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    Default Bush Assassinated in New Film

    Brit movie riles Bush camp


    A British mock-documentary called Death Of A President , which depicts the imagined assassination of George W. Bush, seems to be this year's lightning rod for political outrage at the Toronto International Film Festival.
    TIFF has been down this road before, with the "cat killer" movie Casuistry: The Art Of Killing A Cat and the ostensibly anti-American 9/11 anthology-thinkpiece 11'09''01.
    But D.O.A.P. (as it is coyly referred to in festival material) could be more gasoline on the fire of polarized U.S. politics.


    The movie is fashioned as a future look back at the repercussions that follow Bush's assassination in October 2007.

    Right-wing media in the U.S. discovered the movie and its premise yesterday. The news/gossip weblog The Drudge Report led its home page with the words "SHOCK: PRESIDENT BUSH ASSASSINATED IN NEW MOVIE."
    The Drudge site, which linked to an article about the movie in the London Evening Standard, also included a doctored photo from the film of Bush being shot by a sniper in front of a hotel. "This is outrageous!" wrote Liza Snyder of Richmond, Ind., in one of several angry comments posted about the article at Drudge. "Someone should be afraid of life imitating art! I'm disgusted at the thought of it."
    Right wing talk-radio pundit Rush Limbaugh also ran with the story, expressing his outrage to as many as 12 million listeners on more than 500 radio affiliates. "Sicko," Limbaugh said in describing the film's director, Gabriel Range. Limbaugh asked, "isn't it a crime" to talk about killing a president?
    The White House declined to comment, saying it would not dignify the movie with a response.
    In a release, director Range said, "We're thrilled to be screening the film at Toronto. It's a striking premise which may be seen as highly controversial. But it's a serious film which I hope will open up the debate on where current U.S. foreign and domestic policies are taking us." Limbaugh claimed the filmmaker's sole intention is to move forward the anti-Bush agenda, and he questioned the morals and integrity of anybody who would sanction such work. "It's clearly a new age," Limbaugh said.
    Festival co-director Noah Cowan, in his comments about D.O.A.P. on the fest's website, downplays the films politics. "Range is ultimately interested in addressing today's political issues through the lens of the future," Cowan wrote. "Xenophobia, the hidden costs of war and the nature of civil liberties in a hyper-media age all come under the microscope. "The film is never a personal attack on Bush." The head of the channel that will air D.O.A.P. on British TV called it a "thought-provoking critique" of U.S. politics that is "not sensationalist, or simplistic but a very thought-provoking, powerful drama," the Evening Standard reported. TIFF runs from Sept. 7-16.

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    Wow. That's all I can say.

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    Default The Real Horror of This Film

    I suppose that some would say that the real horror of all of this is that Dick would become president.

    Of course I would never say that.

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    For a British TV Movie, a Real President Is Shot

    Channel 4 Television
    The assassination scene from “Death of a President,”
    a television film whose subject is George W. Bush.

    September 2, 2006

    LONDON, Sept. 1 — The time is October 2007, and America is in anguish, rent by the war in Iraq and by a combustive restiveness at home. Leaving a hotel in Chicago after making a speech while a huge antiwar protest rages nearby, President Bush is suddenly struck down, killed by a sniper’s bullet.

    That is the arresting beginning of “Death of a President,” a 90-minute film to be broadcast here in October on More4, a British digital television station. And while depicting the assassination of a sitting president is provocative in itself, this film is doubly so because it has been made to look like a documentary.

    Using archival film as well as computer-generated imagery that, for instance, attaches the president’s face to the body of the actor playing him, the film leaves no doubt that the victim is Mr. Bush rather than some generic president.

    The movie has not yet been released; indeed, the filmmakers were still editing it on Friday and were not available for comment, said Gavin Dawson, a spokesman for More4. But the station’s announcement this week that it planned to present “Death of a President” as part of its autumn season has raised something of a furor here.

    “Whilst one is aware of other films that have shown assassinations, those have been in the realm of fantasy,” said John Beyer, the director of Mediawatch-UK, which campaigns against sex and violence on television. “To use the president of the United States, the real person, in some fictional presentation, I think that is wrong.”

    The United States Embassy here directed calls to the White House, which said: “We won’t dignify this with a response.”

    But Peter Dale, the head of More4, said the film was not sensationalistic and did not advocate the assassination of Mr. Bush.

    “It has the combination of a gripping forensic narrative and also some very thought-provoking places where you are encouraged to think about the issues behind the narrative,” Mr. Dale said.

    The film is to be shown publicly on Sept. 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival. After it is broadcast on More4, a channel that is free but available only to those with digital television, it is to be shown on Channel 4, a nondigital channel that is the BBC’s main commercial competitor.

    As part of its publicity campaign, More4 released a still from the film depicting the moment Mr. Bush is shot. The picture, which has been reprinted extensively in British newspapers, shows the stricken Mr. Bush slumping forward into an aide’s arms, in front of a shocked, panicking crowd; a bank of cameras flash behind. It evokes the photographs of the mortally wounded Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, and also recalls John Hinckley’s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 outside the Washington Hilton.

    Mr. Dale said that the focus of the film was on the assassination’s aftermath, as the news media rush to judgment and investigators plumb America’s fear and anger, particularly in communities with most cause to be angry at Mr. Bush. Suspicion soon focuses on Jamal Abu Zikri, a Syrian-born man.

    The movie, Mr. Dale said, is “a very powerful examination of what changes are taking place in America” as a result of its foreign policy.

    “I believe that the effects of the wars that are being conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said, “are being felt in many ways in the multiracial communities in America and Britain in the number of soldiers who don’t come home, and that people are beginning to ask: ‘When will these body bags stop coming back? Why are we there? When will it stop?’ ”

    Two well-regarded films by the same team used the same pseudodocumentary style to imagine the ramifications of disastrous events, but were set in Britain. One, “The Day Britain Stopped,” showed Britain’s overstretched transportation system in meltdown after a series of mishaps cripples first the trains and then the roads, leading finally to the point when a passenger jet collides with a freight plane near Heathrow.

    Few Britons have criticized “Death of a President,” perhaps wanting to see it before they comment. But the newspapers have been quoting upset expatriate Americans.

    “It is an appalling way to treat the head of state of another country,” Eric Staal, a spokesman for Republicans Abroad in London, told The Evening Standard. “We’ve seen from early in his presidency the extremes the political left are willing to go to vilify him as an individual. This takes this vilification to a new and disturbing level.”

    But The Daily Mirror, whose front-page headline on Friday was “Bush Whacked,” said in an editorial that while the film was “treading a fine line in terms of taste, it nevertheless provides dramatic food for thought.”

    It added: “The undoubted furor that this will spark across the U.S. and among the handful of Bush supporters in Europe must not obscure the real question facing us all. Where is the War on Terror going? And how bad does it have to get before it gets better?”

    Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company


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    It's not about not liking Bush but the thought that an American president should be assasinated is very disturbing.

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    It seems that it isn't about that the president SHOULD be assassinated, but rather what the response would be in a post-9/11 world.

    In all fairness -- and without commenting on the propriety of this docu-drama -- for an administration that manufactures their own real-life-dramas to suit their agenda (The Rescue of Jessica Lynch, The Death of Pat Tillman, The Re-Building of New Orleans, etc.) to have any complaints is somewhat disingenuous.

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    Default More Reality

    Assuming that "Death of a President" is the opening salvo in a new genre of info-tanement,I suggest a few ideas for followups...

    >"Osama gets a Parking Ticket" Bin Ladin illegally parks and gets a twenty-dollar fine while exploring ways to bomb playgrounds.Who knew Osama drove a Hyundai???The scenes of Al-Qaida members ordering Big Macs and running away without paying graphically illustrate the irresponsible methods terrorists employ to scare minimum-wage workers,reminding the viewer of intense,earlier movies like "Mars Attacks" or the works of Tom Arnold.

    >"Tom Cruise Makes Another Movie"...Cruise,upset because he was passed over in a crucial role in "Death of a President" (the producers used Ronald Mc Donald lookalikes in several graphic scenes,eliminating a role important to Cruise's comeback) personally wrote,directed and starred in this intense documentary involving sofas.

    >"Death to Mean People" explores the fictional world of 2007,where terror networks worldwide are soundly defeated by the Forces of Good (led by a shave-headed Condoleeza Rice,reapprising a role made famous by an American politician in the classic film noir "Terminator" series)shows how appeasement,cash money and good times repel the bombthrowers and create a world without guns.This movie made the well-worn phrase "Support Mental Health or I'll Kill You" so popular worldwide.

    >"Mohammed Cartoons,Part Deux",directed by the infamous satirist Trey Parker,this epic takes us on a "South Park"journey of discovery.Cartman,portrayed by Al Gore,decides to start his own international riot and suicide bomb company,and he boosts his business greatly by incorporating sound Wal Mart business practices and some surprisingly hilarious cartoons involving religious figures.The scenes at the end of this essay of Teheran burning at the hands of Mister Hand are drop-dead frightening.

    >"The Last Movie",a diahhrea-provoking look into how movies just got so stupid that everybody finally stopped making them.Starring Jessica Simpson as the leader of the UN,it also features O J Simpson as a prominent film maker who stabs his way to the top of Hollywood's creative community and Simpson Head Restraints saving Dale Earnhart,who later went on to produce hundreds of shadow puppet figures,which entertained a whole generation of 21st century slackers and killed film making for good..

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    Sen. Hillary Clinton blasts Bush assassination film


    (Original publication: September 16, 2006)

    CHAPPAQUA — Sen. Hillary Clinton this morning blasted the producers of a new film depicting the assassination of Pres. George W. Bush.
    "I think it's despicable," Clinton said of "Death of a President," a fictional film that features a staged assassination of the president in 2007. "I think it's absolutely outrageous. That anyone would even attempt to profit on such a horrible scenario makes me sick." Clinton made the comments in her adopted hometown of Chappaqua at the annual New Castle Community Day.The outdoor gathering of residents, vendors and community groups aims to boost volunteerism and inform people of good works taking place in the community.

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    Channel 4 (of which More4 is a subsidiary channel) isn't the main competitor to the BBC (that would probably go to either ITV or Sky).

    But here is the interesting part - Channel 4 is the state broadcaster (often confused with the BBC which is not a corporate or state broadcaster). Its funding comes from advertising, but it is controlled essentially by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, one of the cabinet ministers who reports to the Cabinet, Tony Blair and Parliament. Generally I suspect most here woud love Channel 4 if they had access to it and especially Channel 4 News (probably the finest news programme in the world - despite links to the government its brought about serious change in governments over the years due to its excellent reporting).

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    Default Unacceptable film

    I agree with Hillary, not often but here I do, that film should have been banned by the Canadian government.

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    I don't know that banning it is what is called for.

    Doubt that many will pay to see it, especially since it has received piss-poor reviews.

    Although it will probably turn up on youtube before too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slick View Post
    I agree with Hillary, not often but here I do, that film should have been banned by the Canadian government.
    Sometimes the best way to kill a subject is not to outlaw it, but to acnowledge it and simply shrug your shoulders about it.

    If it got bad reviews from even Bush's critics, there is not much of a message that is being delivered other than simple shock value and this movie will kill itself. Don;t be so quick to ban everything you disagree with.

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    I guess I need to see the movie first, but it sounds a tad boring.

    Mock-docu-drama. What?

    Do they have a guy that looks like Dick? That might be worth seeing if he is over the top evil (like... eating babies evil, not "tax cut for rich" evil)

    Is the assumption that killing Bush would make the world better or worse? I guess they want you to see it, since nobody details the "issues behind the narrative". Although I am hard pressed to figure out what "issues" would be behind the narrative other than "I would like the murder the president" and "why are you oppressing me...all I did was murder the president".

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    Default Watch The Whole Film Here

    It's a shocking and awful film and I felt distressed after watching it.

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