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Thread: New Bldg. at 124 Water Street

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    Default New Bldg. at 124 Water Street

    The mid-block building that was located at 124 Water Street was recently razed. Does anyone know what will rise there?

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    Sam Chang, is building a Hotel

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    Interesting. I didn't hear about this one. It seems that all of his "Manhattan Projects" (referring to either projects in NY County or "bombs") are in Midtown. Have you seen any renderings?

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    Does Sam Chang often reveal renderings for his blunders? It seems to me that they often just pop-up mostly in secret.

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    most of Sam's developments are cheap crap.

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    Info from DOB for 124-126 Water St. :

    Another Kaufman / Chang special.

    26 stories. 430 feet. 111 rooms.

    Hopefully it will be better than THIS

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    At least that is better than what they've done in Chelsea/Time Square. New York is being held ransom by fannie pack touting, Croc wearing, tourists.

    Lofter, how is a 26 story hotel 430 feet tall? That's roughly 16.5 ft per floor. Perhaps it will be nice (not!).
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    originally posted November 12th, 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    Not sure if another new McSam at 126 Water Street (between Pine & Wall) has been noted ...

    DOB: New Building Application Approved @ 6.29.07

    Architect: Gene Kaufman

    Owner: Metro Six Hotel / Sam Chang, Partner

    28 stories / 430' / ~43,000 gsf / 111 units / Lot: ~ 60' x 40'

    This week:

    126 Water St. between Wall and Pine Streets, 1999

    The white 2-story building in the middle is 126 Water St, looks like there used to be a chinese restuarant, Yip's, on the ground floor. Next door, the Old Blarney Pub has become a Kosher Subway, and the Blankee deli is still there and it received an enthusiastic review on Yellowbot "The Blankee rocks....this is the best restaurant in NYC, when its open....there are not usually many customers in the Blankee, which must be due to their extensive takeout menu!" =502058&word=water pine wall&s=1&notword=&d=&c=176&f=&k=0&lWord=&lField=&s Scope=Collection Guide&sLevel=&sLabel=%26quot%3BDrugstore Photographs%2C Or%2C A Trip Along...&total=1&num=0&imgs=20&pNum=&pos=1#_seemor e

    and the final result:
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