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Thread: Need help finding an apt/condo for RENT.

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    Default Need help finding an apt/condo for RENT.

    Rent: ~$3000/month
    Bedrooms: Need 2 (no convertible)
    Location: West/East Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Battery Park, SoHo, NoHo, LES

    I'm on a hunt right now, but it's tough finding information on this when all the websites don't list the prices. I want to avoid a broker fee so hopefully some of you can help me out.

    First priority would be in a modern low/mid/high rise luxury type building. But I'm aware that $3000 may be too little for a two-bedroom. Hopefully some of you can enlighten me on this possibility? I have looked at the rental thread but almost all the sites do not list their rental costs per month.

    For those who have already went hunting, please share some nice buildings and their rental rates. It will help my search immensely! I need to find a place by the end of October for my parents.

    Cliffnotes: I'm trying to find the best housing and location I can get for $3000/month for 2 bedrooms. Will probably live there for 2+ years.

    Thank you

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    Default From a realtor . . .

    You're out of your mind, and wasting your time, to look in the West Village or Chelsea. For $3,000, I can get you a great studio or a smallish one-bedroom in those areas.

    For a true two-BR at that price, your best bet is the far East Village, and I'm not sure your parents will like the blocks. But start walking around Avenue B, and take a cell phone and a notebook, and if you call enough numbers listed on buildings I'm sure you can shake something loose.


    ali r.

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    Default Nothing below 116th street

    2 bedrooms for $3,000? I don't think so. It is almost impossible to get anything at your price below 116th street. You might have a better chance if you look into Harlem, South Bronx, Elmhurst or Jamaica-Queens or Inner Brooklyn.

    By the way, if you are looking for luxury accomodations, let me give you a hint.... $3,000 will get you a nice 500sq. ft. studio which includes 24hr doorman, gym, spa, pool.

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    I've checked numerous webiste (e.g. and there are MANY 2 bedroom apartments available for $3000 in SoHo, East Village, Battery Park, etc.

    I don't understand what you guys are talking about unless all these websites are lying to their customers. However, I understand that the luxury high-rise may be out of my league.

    If any of you guys have rental prices for some new buildings that went up, please post them, thank you.

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    Try this place.

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    Default why don't you post after you've signed a lease?

    . . . and tell us all what you got?

    ali r.

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    Craigs List has over 350 posts so far today for 2 bedrooms in Manhattan under $3000.00 monthly. You are right, you may not find new construction or prime areas, but there are certainly places available in less desireable neighborhoods such as the upper 80's and 90's far East, Lower East Side, Financial District, and of course Chinatown among other areas.

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    Yeah... $3,000 will get you a two bedroom walk up with a fire escape for a porch in Delancey Street next to the projects. Forget about central A/C, heat or washer/dryer.

    That is if you can find one.

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    Looking for that "dream" two bedroom will be difficult without a broker. Searching the web won't guarantee that because 90% of all that is listed out there are from brokers.

    Oh yeah.. there is Craigslist... good luck. Be careful about online ads. There is always a risk of you know what....

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    Thanks for the info guys. I toned down my searches a bit. A "dream" two bed-room would be $4500-5000 a month. But there must be some nice places for $3000.

    My mom has a family friend who is a broker and is helping us out now. I'll give an update when I can if you guys care at all.

    Again, share some of your rental experiences around the city if you have any...

    Neither way I'm very excited, and living in a "chic" location is just hype...BEING IN the city is what's important and how the apartment looks and feels inside.

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    Nice penthouse in midtown looks like it will be available soon (based on THIS )

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