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Thread: Proposed: 59 story tower - 250 East 57th St @ 2nd Ave - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASchwarz View Post
    SSP doesn't delete negative comments; there are tons of negative comments. SSP deletes off-topic comments. If the posting has nothing to do with the thread, it will probably be deleted.

    And the reason WNY is so slow is because it shifted from a real estate-oriented site with diverse viewpoints to a mostly snarky NIMBY architecture/design forum. You have the greatest NYC boom since the 1920's (both in terms of volume and quality), but on WNY it's opposite-land, and there's nothing being built, of note, or otherwise.
    WNY is slow because no one seems to care to grow it. The fact that this building is 25 or so storeys already and thread title says "proposed" tells a lot about how much effort is being put into WNY. Check out my site It started as a forum as well and now we have a full fledged news and database component as well. The site is booming as is Toronto. I'd say people are moving to YIMBY where they seem to care a lot more.

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    I do not know why WNY is slow; but I am sure it has nothing to do with editing thread titled as the status, architects, or name changes. I do know know that no other forum has a better 'meet-up' component that has generated many person-to-person get together opportunities; these group meetings have been going on for years and I have attended a few times myself.

    Regarding "making a personal connection" with Lofter1 - I do not believe he ever attended a single meet-up, he was not at any of the few I attended, and he never made mention of attending when he posted commentary.
    These forums could use some new - and more active - participation ; but there are still very large numbers of views for each thread - so all seems well enough as far as I can tell.
    This forum is moderated - if not lightly- so may we please get back on topic.

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    Sure, Info. No dig meant for this forum or it's present moderators. Thanks for your efforts. : )

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    No offense taken. This could be a topic taken up in another thread; as I too want to know what may (if anything) is keeping activity in theses forums so anemic. I tend to agree with the comment by Aschwarz, but that is Another topic, another day, and mostly : another thread.
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    I figure that this kinda belongs in this thread because IMO this project exemplifies the banality of current NYC architecture development. It not atrocious like 432 Park Ave, current 2 WTC proposal but it is nothing that inspires to write home about the way 56 Leonard, or the West Side Pyramid are. Same goes for the Foster tower on Lexington.

    The proof is in the pudding.... When the going was good in this forum it was buoyed primarily by great projects to look forward to, and also to an extent, the participants facilitating interesting discourse; now with very minimal of either WNY is rather, well, on the other side of the hill, when it comes to the excitement that new developments bring about.

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    It's not as nice as the original design, but it still looks nice.

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    That was fun to watch .... I guess you could say 'That building is getting its groove on' . The half circle groove running the full height of the building isa nice detail; but other than that - it is basically a boring glass box building. Nice enough; but nothing very interesting or artful about the building.

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    Default 252 East 57th Street Tops Off Construction Ten Years After Innovative Public-Private

    252 East 57th Street Tops Off Construction Ten Years After Innovative Public-Private Partnership
    By Ondel Hylton
    October 13, 2015

    Soaring more than 700 feet into the Midtown East skyline, World Wide Group and Rose Associateís 252 East 57th Street has officially topped out. Yes, itís hard being a stand-out skyscraper in Manhattan these days; some 30 years ago, the tower would have been the highest apartment tower in the city, just besting Trump Tower and Olympic Tower on Fifth Avenue. Today, the 57-story building is the shortest and eastern-most of six super-towers underway along the southern periphery of Central Park that have been raising average building heights and asking prices to new levels.

    More info and images in the post here.

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    Default 18 Oct 2015

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    Great photos!

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    Pure genius. Balconies that get larger every floor. It's a way to make higher apartments multiplicatively more expensive instead of additively.

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