“What stopped me from going to the airport was because as Madiba arrived, comrades would run to get next to him to appear on the television. That’s what is called a photo opportunity. OR (Tambo) never looked for photo opportunities.” President Mbeki on why he doesn't go to the airport when Nelson Mandela returns from overseas.

Ironically, President Mbeki has ensured that comrade O.R. Tambo will now be a continuous "photo opportunity" at the airport, a constant reminder of money wasted with no resulting tangible benefits for the disadvantaged.

"Oliver Tambo has not died, because the ideals of freedom cannot perish...As you directed, we will bring freedom to the oppressed, we will not fail you." (Nelson Mandela in 1993 after Tambo's death).

The cost of changing the name of the airport could have been spent on an education institution dedicated to opening the doors of learning to the disadvantaged and powerfully enhancing their freedom (and O.R. would have been honoured to have this named after him).

Today, we have failed Oliver Tambo. Today, O.R. Tambo has died.