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Thread: Linden 78 - 230 West 78th Street - 20 story condo - UWS - by Handel Architects

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    For starters, check out some of the debate concerning Foster's proposal for 980 Madison Avenue.

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    The situation here seems to be that the zoning allows it -- and under existing regulations they won't need variances or special permits. With purchased air rights they've probably figured out how to make it work.

    It may be unstoppable.

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    Default but they already said it wasn't landmarked?

    Visually, I look at the photo and wonder why those buildings aren't landmarked. Having said that, the city already purposefully made a landmarked area and explicitly excluded this site, if I read the posts above correctly.

    I think its important in situations like that for the city to honor its previous analysis. Otherwise, no one outside a landmarked district could sell their property at fair value because they'd always be afraid the government would do something to seize or devalue the land for political reasons.

    So, yes, I'm in favor of the development so property owners have a reasonably predictable understanding of what they will be allowed to do, but I am curious why it wasn't landmarked when a decision on that area was made.

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    I am strongly in favor of this development. Considering that the majority of the Upper West Side is already landmarked or downzoned, it seems insane to say that the remaining slivers of land are also off limits to development.

    City Planning and Landmarks have already evaluated every block and lot on the Upper West Side a million times. NYC isn't Venice. It is a vibrant, growing city with a huge shortage of housing.

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    Name change for new condo building on West 78th Street


    The name of the 20-story residential condominium building planned for 230 West 78th Street has been changed from Amsterdam 78 to Linden 78.

    The project is a development of Urban Residential Properties of which Christopher Martorella is the chief executive officer and sole principal.

    Handel & Associates is the architectural firm for the project and the rendering at the right appears on the website of Urban Residential.

    Urban Residential’s other New York projects include 255 Hudson Street and 505 Greenwich Street, both designed by Handel & Associates, and NoLiTa Place, and the Sycamore, both designed by H. Thomas O’Hara, SoHo 25 on Houston Street, designed by H. Thomas O’Hara and Beyer Blinder Belle.

    The building, which is on the south side of 78th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway, will have a 24-hour doorman and 34 apartments, a roof deck, and bicycle storage.

    The rendering of the building indicates that the building will have setbacks at the 13th, 15th and 18th floors and that a west section of the building will be cantilevered at about the sixth floor.

    The building’s masonry facades gives way partially to glass on the 15th through the 17th floors and fully to glass on the 18th through the 20th floors.

    An offering plan was filed with the New York State Attorney General’s office April 27, 2006 with a total offering price of $109,525,000.
    A four-bedroom apartment with three-and-a-half baths on the 18th floor with 3,156 square feet of space plus 611 square feet of terrace is priced at $6,950,000. A one-bedroom, one-bath unit with 949 square feet is priced at $975,000. The site is presented occupied by a four-story building with an 11-step stoop entrance.

    Copyright © 1994-2006 CITY REALTY.COM INC.

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    Just as bad as I imagined.

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    Trees on the roof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    Trees on the roof?
    Sure, you get a "garden" amenity for the residents and I believe it also saves on energy costs for the building.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    green on the roof is always good. personally, I think either that or solar panels should be required for roofs.
    does anyone have any pictures/prospects for this building?

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    Here is the new rendering of Linden78...

    Some Information...

    An aerial location...

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    Horrible for the street in comparison to the current building stock. There are plenty of better places on the UWS for something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czsz View Post
    Horrible for the street in comparison to the current building stock. There are plenty of better places on the UWS for something like this.
    Not too many. The landmarked outline takes out almost everything east of Amsterdam.

    I'm glad to see the large layouts though. The UWS doesn't have much supply of 3 or 4 bedroom apartments. As a family neighborhood, it's pretty hard to find something for a family, especially if you don't want to go the "pull down your pants and show me everything" route of a co-op.

    Since there seems to be absolutely zero information on 350 Amsterdam, there are only three projects on the UWS below 96th and East of WEA that have 3 bedrooms: Harsen House, Apple Bank, and Linden78 and Linden is the lowest price per $/foot by a mile.

    Do a search on Halstead or Corcoran or Elliman for a 3 bedroom condo on the UWS. It's all Rushmore and the twins on 99th street and 455 CPW. Not much resale inventory out there. There is certainly a market for this product and I actually like this building. 20 stories isn't outrageous, especially with post-war ceiling height, the lobby is not double height, etc..

    A nice family-centric building in the heart of the UWS? I'm all for it. Let's see what 350 Amsterdam has to offer. I heard their sales office opens in May across the street (where River used to be, I think).

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    What happened to the trees on the roof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    What happened to the trees on the roof?
    It's called bait and switch

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    THe jerks on the UWS who will fight Extell fiercely over his plans for tall towers by Portzamparc should have focused their efforts on this monstrosity which does not fit in on this block.

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