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Thread: Galerie 515 Hotel & Condominium Residences - 511 Ninth Avenue - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default The new Webcam

    This site is in the center of the new Webcam, along with my building across the street. I can watch my block from work...

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    Thumbs down They cut Our enourmous tree!

    This new neighbor is behaving poorly ! They just cut the 40 years old tree to make it easier to do construction ! across the street another developper maintained two large trees while he built a residence.
    This is paricularly upsetting since local organizations ahve been working like crazy to add 70 trees to 9th avenue. the Parks department signoff on the massacre.

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    Not that big one mid block, that they had to build an indentation in the fence wall so you could get around it?!
    I was counting on that tree to hide some of the short, squat, fat, ugliness, that this building will be!
    gotta look at the web cam now to see!!

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    LOL scumonkey. You live right across the street from it and you still need to go see it through the webcam?

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    i'm Lazy that way

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    Default I'm going to miss that tree

    I was VERY upset to see that tree being cut down. It was directly across from my apartment and was my visible connection with the seasons.

    You just KNOW they're going to plant some dinky, scrawny little ornamental trees that provide no shade & little oxygen.

    I'm hating this building more & more...

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    Default I am Buzz Saw Man

    I actually read the tree removal permit and evidently they cut down an old diseased Pear tree that was growing into the street and adjacent light pole. It posed an imminent danger to the west- southbound lane on 9th Ave.
    Believe it or not NY City made them plant (17) seventeen new trees as replacement.
    “Oh my” what will we do if they build an upscale condominium inhabited with humane people. It might impose a little cleanliness in the gay ghetto.
    How will the indigent homeless defecate on the side of the street?
    I really hope they don’t develop the west side train yard also because it might make the place more upscale and impose proper hygiene in this community and an upscale utopian community. I loose sleep at night because I worry that the real estate may even become more valuable due to the urban renewal and improvements. “OH Well”, what can I do about it but voice my opinion online because I have no life.

    TTYL got to go to the nearby soup line and next stop Methadone Clinic.

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    because I have no life.
    you can say that again!
    Now drink you Kool aid and go outside and play with your little self.
    Also:The three was NOT a pear and it WAS NOT diseased!

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    Default I am Buzz Saw Man

    It was a Callery Pear Tree and it was damaged badly and growing into the street scumbagmonkey!!

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    Callery Pear = Covered in a gazillion little white flowers in the spring

    Undoubtedly the most widely-planted street tree in Manhattan over the past 15+ years.

    I understand that as they get older they often have stress problems where the branches spread from the trunk. Often delivery trucks scraping against the tree branches as they slide up to the sidewalk can cause cracks, which create a situation perfect for introduction of disease. Ditto for trucks rubbing the trunks and shearing off bark. Tree no like.

    Dogs at curb level are no friend either. Neither are bike chains a bit higher up.

    To be a street tree in NYC is no easy thing.

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    Buzz Saw- someone take one to your head (the little one as well)?!
    Nice way to say hello with your first trolling post- now name calling- how adult
    Your now sawing the wind on my IGNORE list

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    Question Has construction stopped on this site?

    I live across the street from this site and I've noticed that construction has seriously slowed down, within the last week it has stopped altogether.

    I checked for stop work orders on the DOB site and there aren't any.

    I may be something of a pessimist/realist about the neighborhood (I've lived here since 1979), but I think building a "luxury condominium with hotel services" is overestimating the potential appeal of the area.

    The immediate view to the west will be the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel, not especially a breathtaking view. While there are some attractive renovated buildings in the neighborhood, none of them approach luxury.

    Last week, they finished pouring the foundation and now work has stopped. Do you think the developers realized they were throwing money down a rathole and got out before the market got worse?

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    More likely waiting for the concrete to set in the cold weather? As for the views....
    There are also some bigger changes planned behind, and to the south of this building as well.
    (although I haven't heard anything about this for a while, it was green lighted by cb4)
    The entrance to the tunnel is getting bridged over, and
    more buildings going on top.
    Hudson Mews:

    Two 18-story buildings
    736,949 gross sq. ft.
    30,000 sq. ft. of public open space
    New York, NY, 809 Units

    This joint venture with the Port Authority of NY/NJ is an 80/20 residential property that contains 15,000 sq. ft. of retail and community facility space and nearly 41,000 sq. ft. of parking which will have approximately 200 parking spaces. There is a large public open space component to the property. The project will be partly financed with New York State Housing Finance Agency tax-exempt bonds.

    The Dermot Company said it would start building its $450 million Hudson Mews project, two 18-story buildings over platforms on opposite sides of 37th Street, west of Ninth Avenue, along with a public park. Stephen Benjamin, a principal at Dermot, said the company was completing its financing and negotiations with the Port Authority to buy development rights over ram

    the 2- 25 story apt towers going up around the corner on 38th & 37th st, are "Luxury" buildings-
    the hood be changing

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    I saw this item a few months ago, I wonder if it spells doom for the Hudson Mews project. It would be a shame if it does, while I'm not crazy about Kondylis's Galerie, I think the plans for Hudson Mews look great. Also, the neighborhood has zero park space, and the Mews would add a lot.

    Concerns that the Hudson Mews Deal Will Fall Through
    July 14, 2008

    Some government officials are concerned that high costs related to the Port Authority’s stringent security requirements for the development site at West 37th Street and Ninth Avenue are threatening the real estate deal and planned development of the site. The Port Authority agreed to sell the development rights for the site, which is currently occupied by several Lincoln Tunnel entrance ramps that will need to be covered by a platform, two years ago to developer Dermot Company, but the deal has yet to close. Dermot has planned an 800-unit residential complex called the Hudson Mews. Officials are especially concerned since the development, which will include covering the on-ramps and creating a park, will help to bridge the eastern portion of the Hudson Yards area with the western portion.
    My New Jersey view is already gone if the construction of the Galerie goes thru, so a taller building on the other side of it doesn't hurt my feelings.

    But they are taking their sweet time to build 515 Ninth. They've been at it for over a year now, and they just finished the foundation. A pair of weekend warriors could have been farther along by now. That, along with the downturn in the economy, is what makes me wonder if the project is falling apart.
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    Well look how long it took them to build that POS on
    the corner of 38th & 9th (how many years) anything could happen?

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