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Thread: Galerie 515 Hotel & Condominium Residences - 511 Ninth Avenue - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default Speaking of which....

    from todays curbed:

    Holy Macaroni! Hotel/Condo Project Surfaces as Galerie515

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008, by Joey

    Click the image above to view the full photogallery.

    Back in 2006, CityRealty reported that the old Supreme Macaroni Company building at 511 Ninth Avenue (between 38th and 39th Streets) would make way for a new 12-story hotel/condo hybrid designed by prolific architect Costas Kondylis. The rendering up top ran with the story, which has been frozen in time by the sleuths at Wired New York, who also prepped that picture of the site (the three-story macaroni mecca is on the left side of the marked area). The pasta palace—we really can't get enough—is long gone, but we haven't heard much else about the project, in a weird spot of town near the Lincoln Tunnel. Today that all changed! StreetEasy now has a page for the project, called Galerie515, mentioning that sales on the condos will start in 2009. And there are some more details:
    24-hour doorman and concierge available to greet and assist residents and their guests. State of the art square foot fitness center superbly equipped with cardiovascular and weight-lifting machines shared by condo/hotel and residential owners. Five star restaurant located below grade offering in room delivery service to residents. Roof SkyLounge offers city views, wet bar, Jacuzzi whirlpool and barbeque area Spa services available. Shoeshine Service. Business services. Personal shopping services. Housekeeping services. Spa Services. 50+ parking spots with valet parking. Storage Bins
    Sounds hot, though they probably should consider making the gym a bit bigger. There's also a teaser website up. Assa Properties is the developer, and the increasingly ubiquitous Marketing Directors will handle the sales. No word on hotel operator quite yet.
    · Galerie515 [StreetEasy]
    · 511 Ninth Ave. New Condo (replacing the Supreme Macaroni Blding) [Wired NY]
    · Galerie515 [Official Site]

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    Love how the article states us members of Wired NY as "Sleuths."

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    Default A new ice rink on Ninth Avenue?

    Here's a shot I took this morning. I don't know if it reads in the image, but the floor of the foundation is covered with ice. It looks like it could be suitable for skating, but there would be a serious hazard of being impaled on the exposed rebar.

    I still think the lack of ongoing work here means the project is in trouble, even though the units are already on the market.

    BTW, this is a splice of 2 shots, Ninth Avenue doesn't curve.

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    About Galerie515, 511 Ninth Avenue

    Marketing behan in early 2009 for the 12-story, mixed-use building planned by 511 9th LLC, a partnership headed by Solly Assa, for the former site of the Supreme Macaroni Company at 511 Ninth Avenue between 38th and 39th Streets.

    According to Robert Lebenseld, vice president of Assa Properties/JS Industrial Group, the developer, the address of the new project will be 515 Ninth Avenue and it will be called Galerie 515 Hotel & Condominium Residences.

    Costas Kondylis is the architect.

    The home of Supreme Macaroni was a three-story, twenty-five foot wide mixed-use building and the pasta maker had a retail store on the ground floor at the back of which was a "secret" restaurant that was very popular for several decades with people who wanted a step up from the six-foot-long heros served on the other side of the avenue at Manganaro's.

    The area has considerable traffic generated by the nearby Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Bus Terminal and the Lincoln Tunnel as well as the Garment Center and the Theater District. The renaissance of Times Square and the recent development boom along West 42nd Street, however, have significantly changed the demographics of the neighborhood.

    A permit for the project was issued March 14, 2009.

    Hotel services will be provided by West Paces Hotel Group and spa services by Cornelia Day Resort at 663 Fifth Avenue.

    The project’s website states that the neighborhood is "in the dramatically changing Hell’s Kitchen district” and “imagine the thrill and convenience of owning a home within an exciting new and fashionable boutique hotel."

    Assa Properties also owns 743 Fifth Avenue, 2 Herald Square and 6 Times Square, which was originally the Knickerbocker Hotel.

    Kitchens will have high gloss lacquer white kitchen cabinetry, white caesarstone quartz countertops with glass tile backsplashes and appliances by Liebherr, Fisher & Poykel and Miele.

    The building will have a "rooftop SkyLounge" with an outdoor screening center, a wetbar, Jacuzzi whirlpool and barbecue area.

    The building will have 24-hour concierge/doorman, 24-hour fitness center, valet parking, a restaurant, 24-hour room service, and housekeeping service.

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    We lost Supreme Macaroni for a big blue plywood wall...
    This building is listed in the NYT real estate section as one of the many new developments that are STALLED...
    I don't know what would be worse- the wall, or the Butt Fugly, low squat, POS, that was to be built?!

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    Oddly enough, I was just about to call 311 and complain about the stagnant pool that has collected within the walls of the foundation here. They have drained it once or twice since November, but it's due for another pumping out.

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    Does anyone know if anything was/is planned for the huge parking lot on the west side of 9th and 35th Street? It seems like something huge could be built there.

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    A parking lot that will remain a parking lot
    (at least for now)

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    Default 515 Ninth Ave. resuscitated?

    Construction equipment onsite...

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    Default Construction equipment onsite...

    The new DOB permits only mention plumbing. I think they might be installing a pump system to keep the foundation drained. Right now, it looks like there's two to three feet of standing water. They also installed valves on the water supply pipes week before last, which didn't have any before.

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    Given the recent changes at Kondylis' firm I wonder if the plan here will change ...

    The NB Permit (Document 5) States:


    Comments for PAA Document 05 Modifying Document 01

    Description of Amendment:


    NYC Architect Dissolves Firm, Launches New One

    "Competing Visions" Lead to Demise of Costas Kondylis and Partners

    Architectural Record
    January 13, 2010
    By C. J. Hughes

    Architect Costas Kondylis, AIA, who is perhaps best known for the New York high-rises designed for Donald Trump, has broken up his longtime firm and formed a new one.

    In December, Kondylis announced the launch of Costas Kondylis Design, a New York-based practice emphasizing projects that aspire to certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED). His former firm, Costas Kondylis and Partners, founded in 1989, was dissolved in August.

    Indeed, 90 percent of the new firm’s projects will be “green,” versus 50 percent before, he says. But in an unusual arrangement that acknowledges market stresses, Kondylis’s new practice has partnered with investment firm Lynx Finances Group for a financial cushion, he explains. It could also generate leads; Lynx, based in Luxembourg, controls a stake in CP-Solar, a major solar-panel manufacturer.

    Kondylis, who designed the 72-story Trump World Tower near the United Nations, New York’s tallest completed residential building, says he is working on master plans in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Algeria, among other projects, but he wouldn’t give specifics. He adds that his new firm, with 20 employees, allows greater creative control than his old one, which at its peak had 175 employees. “I was the conductor of the symphony orchestra,” he says. “Now I can play the piano myself.”

    While Kondylis and his former partners agree their split was amicable, Stephen Hill, AIA, who subsequently founded Goldstein, Hill & West Architects, attributes it to competing visions. Kondylis wanted more international work, while Hill sought to focus on New York towers, like the pair they’re now designing on Manhattan’s West Side for Extell Development.

    Kostas' overseas commissions were too costly to produce, Hill explains, "and when we were no longer willing to support that effort, we had a pretty big issue on our hands."

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    Kondylis the Artist.

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    Default spoke with worker on site

    They are Con Ed workers. They will be done in a couple of weeks and he thinks that work on the building will restart after that.

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    I think this site is dead. It's been 3 or 4 years since any real work was done here. They have installed lights which light up my living room at night and video/web cams for apparent security. There are some orange security barricades being stored on the North side of the site, but they are not being deployed outside of the fencing. I hope the city takes over this project and builds some affordable housing in the neighborhood. I always thought the Galerie 515 idea was WAAY too upscale for my neighborhood.

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    well it certainly would never be as desirable as what they removed to make room for in that pit.
    Damn I miss the supreme macaroni co.!

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