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Thread: 211 Elizabeth Street - Condo - NoLiTa - by Roman & Williams

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    I love pushing up my old wood framed windows and checking out the bustle down below. Wouldn't want to live without them.

    And the fact that they open has saved me the crazy expense of a locksmith on the (thankfully) rare occasion of losing / forgetting my keys (although I still get the heebie-jeebies every time I have to climb down from the roof on our fully-vertical fire escape ladder).

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    Me too. I love sitting by an opened window and smelling the fresh Spring air come in, like it is right now. Sleeping next to an open window is also great, as is hearing the birds outside in the morning. I like being able to stick my head out and know exactly how cold or hot it is outside before I leave the apartment. In the winter when the heat is blasting nothing is better than cracking the window for instant regulation. Or just to air out the place with real fresh air, not mechanically processed air.
    With everything sealed shut, to me it would seem like living in a mummy case or a fishbowl.

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    Of all of the super fabulous new buildings that we've seen here over the past few years: this is my favorite... I'd buy here.

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    Slideshow of the interior of 211 Elizabeth Street.

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    This firm just showed up on my radar, in a recent book called "Dark Nostalgia" (I recommend it, though it's focused on interior design). Here's their Picassa album for this building:

    And a blog entry ( that contains this floorplan, which I think shows that they have some real skill at arranging spaces:

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