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    Hi guys

    once i saw this rendering of a building made by blocks like squared boxes, one on top of the other, shifted and turned. It should be in Harlem, but not sure. A friend of mine told me was the 'turning torso' by calatrava, but the shape and the city are both completely different...
    thanks in advance

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    could he mean the project that was proposed near the brooklyn bridge?...Tall, boxes, that were rotated around a central core?

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    but it's not 80th south, it's very different. Were not cube but more parallelepid ( i mean the apt were not so high as far as i remember) and were not so detached.

    It was something like the Rubik's cube, when you shift the sides. I think i had seen the progect also here on this forum. and i thought was in harlem, but not sure
    thanks a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post

    exactly!!! this one!
    where/ what???

    thanks a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorcar
    exactly!!! this one!
    where/ what???
    Amazing building. It was covered in another thread, starting at this post:

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