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Thread: Whats wrong with Morningside Heights?

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    Default Whats wrong with Morningside Heights?

    Ive found a couple of Apartments and studios in this area at good prices so Im wondering whats the catch? I dont mind if its a loud place or anything like that I just want to know the truth

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    Morningside Heights is nice; Columbia is located there.

    Realtors, however, often re-brand dicier areas with the names of their better neighbors.

    Just be sure you're actually on the heights.

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    Can you tell me an estimated range for the heights? Oh and are their any real bad areas near there? I dont mind loud or busy. I actually like LIFE! just not danger. lol

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    You're OK south of 120th Street and west of Morningside Drive.

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    Thanks Ill keep that in mind

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    The advice above is true about 120th st. The reason it is cheap is the area down the hill from Columbia ( the "heights" previously referred to) is right next to Harlem.

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    Sorry, that's not "next to" Harlem- it is Harlem.

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    Thanks, I mean Im shooting for college housing...just waying my options though

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