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Thread: The Rushmore at 80 Riverside Blvd - Condo - Upper West Side - by Costas Kondylis

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    This link has a good slide show of photos, it shows the interiors of a 4 bedroom unit; it's similar to the 5 bedroom apartment recently purchased by A-rod - but on a lower floor, and with far less stunning views.

    P.S..... In 1999 I was walking in this area looking a the construction sites of some of the new Trump Condos, and a happened to see the famous David Blain: he looked 'UP' at me and waved his hand - from six feet under.
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    That photo is spectacular: that string of 'average looking' apartment towers has been magically elevated to the status of architecture with a capital "A".

    That being said; truth is uglier than fiction: the 'fiction' being - "Good Photography".

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    I don't know. They're altogether nice in person, if not spectacular. I suppose the average looking might account for that. The newer buildings without vents are better, too.

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    Old picture, but this angle will look fantastic when the remainder of the Riverside South towers are completed, Riverside Center, Durst's Pyramid @ West 57th, the towers at the Fordham U site, Carnegie 57, 432 Park, 221 West 57th, 1715 Broadway, & 920 Eighth. O what a skyline it will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    The block is within the Landmark district, so there's little chance that the neighbors will be brought down. Getting something great to replace 2 Riverside would require some savvy.

    However a developer could assemble a new "Zoning Lot" to make use of the adjacent properties un-used air rights, thereby allowing something sliver-ish to rise at 2 Riverside. This lot touches on four adjacent lots (including old 312 W 73rd around the corner) all of which are ~ 5 stories. The block is Zoned R10A, which according to the Zoning Data Table 4 [pdf] is within a "Higher-Density Residence District" and allows for a FAR of 10.

    I'm no zoning expert (and perhaps a zoning idiot), but considering that there are 4 properties adjacent, each built to 5 stories and having 5 available floors of unused FAR, could that mean there are 20 floors available for transfer to 2 Riverside? Add the 10 floors available for the 2 Riverside lot itself and that might bring it up to 30 floors. Sliver indeed.

    Given the prominent location it would require a fantastic plan in order to get LPC / CPC approvals.
    Ideally it should be replaced by a mid height residential tower designed by Robert Stern.

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    Anyone saw the sunset this evening? It was spectacular!


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    I think I was stalling traffic on the GWB because I was driving slowly and awkwardly as I stared at the spectacle that unfolded in the sky over the river and the skyline, really wishing I brought my camera. The sky was about the same as yours, but it was toned in crimson red colors, with Midtown, the WTC and the Palisades underneath. It looked like a gigantic backdrop of flowing lava.

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