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Thread: Dept of Sanitation Garage in Hudson Square

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    To be fair, you would have to factor in the cost of another garage for CD3.

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    Default recycling the CD6 garage for CD5

    There is a perfectly good DSNY garage, circa 1995, at 606 West 30th. To acquire the land & build an enclosed truck parking lot to the South would be around $30 MM and is included in CB 1 & CB 2 alternative plans. The City still saves $179 MM. Is Council Speaker Quinn listening?

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    This is a beautiful water front site, why put a garage in this great location?

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    Default Cost of DSNY Garage up 60% in FY'09

    I've attached the DSNY Executive and Capital Budgets for 2009.
    This project has gone up from $148 MM in 2006 to $268-285 MM in 2009.

    They are offering UPS $94 MM ($255/psf).

    Time to consider the Community Board's Alternative Plans.
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    Interesting that the state has approved the use of the Gansevort pier for a marine transfer station. Perhaps the garages and the salt pile should be located there also.

    Strange things happen when money gets short. I guess the HRPT lost that round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by projectsnyc View Post
    They are offering UPS $94 MM ($255/psf).

    Does anyone know if $255/psf is market for a plot of land like this one?

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    Default Meeting

    There was some sort of hearing last night on the garage. I did not go. Did anyone? Anything interesting come out of it?

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    Default Packed CB's 1&2 ULURP Hearing

    Here is the resolution that came from the joint CB 1&2 Public Hearing:
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    Default DSNY public hearing

    This resolution makes a lot of sense. I attended the public hearing, and here are some of the comments that I heard:

    •The City would waste taxpayers’ money by its plan to spend more than $400 million to build the garage and salt shed. Suggestions to reduce costs include storing infrequently used vehicles at an existing garage and having collection trucks refuel where they dump their loads. Also, instead of building a salt shed, the City could simply add salt at an existing shed.

    •The City would waste several million dollars of taxpayers’ money by constructing free parking spaces at the garage for employees. This would also violate the Mayor’s goal to encourage use of mass transportation to improve air quality.

    •The large number of vehicles that would use the garage (about 107 in a peak hour) would endanger pedestrians and bicyclists visiting the Hudson River Park.

    •The garage would store 34,000 gallons of oil and fuel, almost the amount stored at 7 World Trade Center before its collapse.

    •The garage would be located about 100 feet from residential dwellings. The 500 or more daily vehicle trips would harm a neighborhood that has the second worst air quality in New York City, higher even than the South Bronx.

    •The City would place sanitation vehicles for the midtown district (MN 5) at the garage, far from its district, resulting in increased mileage and air pollution.

    •In 2005, the City received approval to build a garage midtown, in Hudson Yards, an industrial area. Its decision to instead build in Hudson Square demonstrates it is more concerned with enriching real estate interests in Hudson Yards than with protecting Hudson Square residents.

    •Schools are overcrowded. The City should spend the money on schools, not on constructing a mega-garage to replace already existing garages.

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    Default and?

    So now what happens with this resolution done? Does DOS or the city have to respond in some fashion?

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    AUGUST 8 - 14, 2008

    Stringer floats idea to move some garbage trucks out of Hudson Square

    By Josh Rogers

    Borough President Scott Stringer told Downtown Express Thursday that he has asked the city to consider moving a proposed Sanitation garage to Chelsea in order to avoid dumping too many garbage trucks in Hudson Square.

    The new use would be moved into an existing Sanitation garage on W. 26th St. between 11th and 12th Aves. and serve Community Board 5, which includes part of Chelsea. Stringer said he is concerned about neighborhoods getting their “fair share” of Sanitation facilities.

    The current city plan is to build a 120-foot tall Sanitation garage at Spring and Washington Sts. to serve the two nearby community boards as well as C.B. 5, which includes much of Midtown, Union Square and a corner of Chelsea.

    The plan has received strong opposition from Community Boards 1 and 2, local politicians, and residents of Tribeca, Soho, the Village as well as Hudson Square.

    Stringer said he is in “fierce discussions” with the Sanitation Department since his formal opinion is due on the plan on Monday. On Friday, Aug. 8, he has a meeting planned with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whose district includes Chelsea, and the chairpersons of the affected community boards – 1,2, 4 and 5.

    He declined to discuss more specifics of the alternative site since he had not talked about it yet with community leaders. Moving Sanitation District 5 -- which coincides with the community board lines – to Chelsea would reduce the amount of truck traffic throughout the borough, Stringer said. Under the city plan, District 5 trucks would have to travel from Chelsea and Midtown up to the E. 91st St. marine transfer station and then down to the west end of Manhattan at Spring St. to park.

    “There is a real concern about truck traffic balance through this community and to the extent you can mitigate that -- I’m concerned about” doing that, Stringer said in an interview in Downtown Express’s office.

    Shaan Khan, Stringer’s director of community relations, said “one of the reasons why we’re interested in Sanitation studying this other site in Chelsea is it’s already owned by Sanitation and it appears there may be room for the District 5 trucks to go there.”

    The city plans to buy the large Spring St. lot from U.P.S., which parks its trucks there. U.P.S., which has said it faced an eminent domain threat from the city, would still be able to park in the new garage. Many of the Sanitation trucks in the new facility currently park in the Hudson River Park on the Gansevoort Peninsula and have to leave by 2012 as part of a lawsuit settlement filed by park advocates.

    The large W. 26th St. facility is used in part to repair Sanitation trucks that serve the Bronx, Stringer said, and moving those trucks out could provide enough room for District 5.

    He has discussed the site with John Doherty, Sanitation Commissioner, and Stringer staffers toured the facility this week.

    Dan Klein, who heads Sanitation’s real estate department, said the District 5 uses can’t fit because of all of the existing uses, but he did not address the point Stringer made about moving the Bronx uses out of the building.

    “The building is fully used,” he told Downtown Express.

    Klein did not sound like the city wanted to negotiate with Stringer over the weekend. “He has until Monday,” Klein said Thursday. “We’ll respond when we get his recommendation.” A few minutes later, the department’s press office issued a prepared statement to Downtown Express saying it would respond to Stringer after the formal recommendation.

    Stringer said: “I met personally at the table with Doherty and told them what my bottom line was.”

    He said he will not make a final decision on recommending the 26th St. location as a possibility until he speaks more with community leaders and Sanitation. If Sanitation commits to studying the alternative, it will mean the City Council will have the option of voting for the alternative when the city plan comes for an up or down vote later this year.

    In addition to an alternative site close to District 5, Stringer is also looking for a better connection to the Hudson River Park at Spring St., which could come in the form of a crosswalk and a small plaza at Spring St., immediately north of Canal Park. This plaza is slated to get a salt pile storage center, but Stringer wants the city to consider four alternative salt locations already identified by the Dept. of Sanitation, particularly since traffic from Canal St., the Holland Tunnel, and the West Side Highway make it difficult to get to the riverside park near Spring St.

    “If we can get all that,” Stringer said before referring to the limits of his role in the land use process known as ULURP, “you could argue job well done given you have an advisory opinion.”

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    Sorry if I am dense but would his idea move the entire garage off of Spring Street or just make it smaller as the CB5 trucks would end up in chelsea?

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    Default Scott Stringer's Letter to City Planning 08.11.08

    It is a good idea to use the Chelsea VMF facility for CD 5. 1/3 of the trucks within an existing building can be sent back to the Bronx by investing a small amount of money in the Bronx VMF facility making room for Midtown.

    It is also a good idea to find another location for the salt shed other than Canal Street. What a great place for a public open space to join the remarkable Canal Park just to the south !

    However, it is disingenuous for the MBPO to get behind DSNY's Plan at Spring Street...zoning controls were implemented to protect us from this monstrosity, not to enable it. If CD's 4 and 5 leave Gansevoort (along with the salt shed) perhaps we can come up with a better idea for CD 2 sometime in the future rather than imposing a squat, 95 foot high building upon Spring Street without setbacks and rear yard requirements. Or better yet, the Community Sanitation Steering Committee came up with a "horizontal" solution, putting CD 1 & CD 2 large vehicles underground and getting rid of DSNY free employee parking. It won an AIA Design award from the 2007 ENVISIONING HUDSON SQUARE CHARRETTE.

    Time for DSNY architects to re-design their Plan by going underground.

    Here is the full text of the letter from the MBPO...August 27th 10 AM Public Hearing upcoming at the City Planning Commission on both the ULURP actions and the DEIS...please join us in opposition...
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    Default Public Hearing

    There is a public hearing on the garage this week.

    Wed August 27th
    NYC Planning Commission
    22 Reade Street

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    Default Be sure to attend the Public Hearing and Testify at City Planning

    The Sanitation Department plans to build a $429 MM 3-District, 12-story garage at Spring Street, housing 62 garbage trucks, free parking for 102 city employees, fancy offices, a truck repair and washing facility, and a gas station fueling all city agency vehicles.

    The Sanitation Department also plans to place a 7-story high, open-sided salt shed at Spring Street - blowing salt onto our streets and into the river.

    Over 800+ vehicle trips would be made to the garage each day - about half by garbage trucks and half by employee cars. The garbage trucks would be in addition to the Sanitation trucks that will travel to our district from all over Manhattan to use the Gansevoort marine transfer station.

    Be sure to attend and/or testify at the Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 27th at the NYC Planning Commission, 22 Reade Street. Although the proceedings start at 10 am, we are last on their agenda and probably won't start until sometime between 11 am and noontime.

    Yes, this takes place three days before Labor Day to minimize attendance. It is very important to attend.

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