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Thread: Dept of Sanitation Garage in Hudson Square

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    Default Hudson Sq Garage

    I agree with you: I don't think DSNY has given adequate consideration to reducing the building's height or mass. I also think that DSNY should build a park above the garage. That was DSNY's original plan when they were going to build a two-district garage on Block 675 in CB4. It should be the same deal at Spring Street.

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    I was over by the High Line yesterday and the original site on West 29th between Eleventh Avenue / West Street (Block 674) is a much better location for a big structure like the one planned for Spring / West / Greenwich. The blocks in the area of that site on the Ewest side of Eleventh are pretty much fully commercial / industrial (a low rise Con Ed facility and the old Tunnel building of ~ 9 stories).

    Currently the Block 674 site has refueling facilities on an open-air / surface parking lot. They could build a structure there to house some of DOS needs and do it in a way that creates a green roof on the DOS facility that relates to the proposed park at this end of the High Line.

    This would allow for a smaller structure downtown like what has been described by projectsnyc and others here.

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    Default A matter of political will and leadership

    Block 675 (not 674) is ideal for a multi-district DSNY garage facility, and/or a tow-pound facility (to vacate pier 76). Joe Rose of Georgetown Associates filed for a Building Permit back in February of 2008 for a 66 story hotel "as-of-right" for the M1-6 lot (FAR of 10). DSNY keeps making the argument that they would be buying "un-needed" air-rights here making this location more expensive than Block 596 (Spring Street) which is zoned M2-4 (FAR of 5). Their deal with UPS is supposed to be "90% done".

    Now that Council Speaker Quinn has this land-use matter at the City Council Public Siting land-use sub-committee, we are hopeful that she will exercise her considerable leadership skills in finding a better solution that must include Midtown. There is an existing MN 6 garage in the mid-block of 606 West 30th Street which is scheduled to go back to the newly rebuilt East 73rd Street Garage (which is why the MN 5 garage finds itself to be the wandering orphan proposed now for Spring Street). If this midtown district stayed in midtown, it would allow Spring Street planners to reduce the height of a MN 1/MN 2 garage and make the "un-used" air-rights available for future development, perhaps it could be packaged for "middle-income" housing...

    But there must be political will and leadership.

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    I don't want to state the obvious, but District 1 has not had a true garage for the thirty-five years I have lived down here. They park the trucks on the street and their private cars on the sidewalk. Not the most perfect solution, but it has worked for those many years. Why all of a sudden do they need a 450 million dollar garage?

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    Default MN 1/2/5 Garage

    Given that the City is in a financial crisis, the $400+ million that DSNY would spend to relocate the three existing garages seems wasteful and frivolous.

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    Default Hudson Rise Website

    please check out the new website:

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    Seen on Renwick Street ...

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    A similar poster is posted on the front door of the Ear Inn.

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    Please join your friends and neighbors in testifying against the DSNY Consolidated Three District Garage and Salt Shed at Spring Street plan,


    This is the "last chance" to make your voice heard prior to the City Council vote next week.

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    Default Sunday -November 16th Rally at Noon Time

    Please join your friends and neighbors for a rally in front of the DSNY MN1 Garage (297 Canal Street corner of West Street) at Noon Time on Sunday, November 16th.
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    Well it appears the great minds down at city council have approved this poorly conceived project. Now it's just a matter of coming up with half a billion dollars to build it.

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    Downtown Express

    Council approves sanitation garage tower for Hudson Square

    By Albert Amateau

    The three-district Department of Sanitation garage on Spring St. received final approval from the City Council on Wednesday by a vote of 40 to one with one abstention, but the Bloomberg administration made commitments to Council Speaker Christine Quinn to work over the next six months to make the project more acceptable neighborhood residents.

    The project, budgeted at about $500 million, is intended to serve Sanitation Districts 1, 2 and 5. Village and Tribeca residents have protested that three districts are at least one too many and have pleaded with D.S.N.Y. to find somewhere else for District 5 which serves Midtown from 14th to 59th Sts.

    The administration’s last minute commitments include a promise to discuss with local Councilmembers and community boards alternative sites for District 5. “These discussions will conclude within six months of the City Council’s approval of the proposed garage when we expect that design and final bid documents will be finalized,” the commitment letter says.

    The city has previously resisted efforts to discuss alternatives and opponents have vowed to sue if the project is approved.

    The letter also changes the design of the salt-pile shed proposed for the area just west of the Holland Tunnel vent tower between Spring and Canal Sts. The current design if for a partly open shed but the promised new design will be completely covered, enclosed on all sides with a loading door facing the tunnel ventilation building. There will be no ventilation openings on the sides of the shed and deliveries of salt and loading of salt spreaders will occur off the street between the shed and the ventilation tower.

    The new commitments address another sore point with residents. The project will reduced the 74 private parking spaces for D.S.N.Y. employees to 34 spaces.

    The administration also promises to eliminate fueling for agencies other than D.S.N.Y. except in an emergency. The commitment letter estimates the change would result in 38 fewer trips to and from the garage per day. The letter also said that queuing of Sanitation vehicles at the garage would not extend beyond the length of the new building along West St. or beyond the north side of Spring St.

    The city also made green space commitments regarding the project; a total of 17 new trees around the garage site and about nine new trees around the salt shed. The proposed green roof of the garage will cover about 62,500 sq. ft., about 75 percent of the new garage.

    Five days before the project was scheduled to go before the City Council for final approval, opponents made a last-ditch stand against a 120-foot garage they said would have a devastating impact on Hudson Square, a neighborhood that has become increasingly residential over the past several years. The city plans to share the garage site with U.P.S., which now owns the lot.

    Several residents at the Nov. 14 Council subcommittee hearing raised the specter of Block 675, between W. 29th and 30th Sts. and 11th and 12th Aves., which the city had approved for Department of Sanitation use with a park on its roof in 2005, but was dropped two years later.

    “It hasn’t escaped many of us here that Joe Rose, one of the board of directors of the Hudson River Park Trust, just filed a permit to build a luxury hotel on that same exact plot,” said Kim Tabet, a Hudson Square resident, of Block 675.

    David Reck, representing Community Board 2, which includes the West Village and Hudson Square, said, “This issue has been around for 10 years.” Reck, who lives on Greenwich St. two blocks from the proposed garage, said, “It was supposed to be settled by using Block 675, but the city reneged on the deal,” and added, “We are trying to work out a compromise but all D.S.N.Y. says is no.”

    Carole DeSaram, a Community Board 1 member and a leader in the Tribeca Community Association, said the project was “a half-billion-dollar Taj Mahal on the Hudson.” She said the Sanitation Department has grossly under estimated the traffic impact on Tribeca and Hudson Square.

    Maria Passannante-Derr, a member and former chairperson of C.B. 2, said the department failed to make an adequate study of an already congested traffic situation. Derr said there would be 800 truck trips per day instead of the 480 that Sanitation estimates.

    D.S.N.Y. insisted its Spring St. project was necessary because the 1998 Hudson River Park Act required the department to remove its garbage trucks and salt pile from Gansevoort Peninsula so the peninsula can be redeveloped into part of the Hudson River Park. The deadline under the act was 2003, but Sanitation remained because there were no alternative sites. In 2005, Friends of Hudson River Park, a civic group, filed a lawsuit to force Sanitation off the peninsula, and the action was settled with a court order giving the department until December 2013 to vacate Gansevoort.

    Hudson River Park advocates, many of them Chelsea residents, turned out at the hearing to support the Sanitation garage at Spring St.

    A.J. Pietrantone, Friends of Hudson River Park executive director, insisted that the group would not object if there were definite plans for an alternative site. But he warned, “We cannot defer action on converting Gansevoort to parkland on the hope that something might develop at some unidentified point in the future.”

    Councilmember Alan Gerson, whose district borders the garage site, was the only member to abstain. A few weeks ago, when the term limit extension bill was under debate, Gerson said he did not like the idea of abstentions and that he had never done so before. He said then he was considering doing that on term limit extensions, but he voted in favor. He did not return a call for comment by press time Wednesday.

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    Default The battle continues...

    Ad firm tries to help sell megagarage alternative
    By Albert Amateau
    Hudson Square community leaders last week enlisted a heavyweight ally in their fight to convince the Bloomberg administration to accept an alternative to the three-district Department of Sanitation garage proposed for the UPS site on Spring St.
    The advertising and marketing firm Saatchi & Saatchi, active in 80 countries around the world and with headquarters in Hudson Square, signed on to the list of opponents of the $500 million project.
    “We’re in full support of the Hudson Square community’s alternatives and against the D.S.N.Y. plan,” Lynne Collins, Saatchi’s director of corporate communications, told the Jan. 15 meeting of the Sanitation Steering Committee community group.
    Collins said the community alternative for a smaller, two-district Sanitation facility would dovetail with Saatchi’s new sustainability project. She noted that Saatchi’s headquarters, with 1,000 employees, has been at 375 Hudson St. in Hudson Square for 20 years, and the company has a deep commitment to the area, which is fast becoming a 24/7 district with high-end residential development.
    The Sanitation project’s opponents contend that the proposed three-district garage — 128 feet tall, plus a 75-foot-tall salt shed between Spring and Canal Sts. and a diesel refueling station with fuel storage capacity of 30,000 gallons — would put 800 additional garbage-truck and Sanitation employee trips a day on neighborhood streets.
    “The project would devastate the community for 100 years,” said Rosemary Kuropat, a neighborhood activist who spoke at the meeting.
    The smaller community alternative, the Hudson Rise plan, would accommodate a two-district Sanitation garage, create public rooftop green space and connect with the rooftop of the sprawling St. John’s Center building, which extends from Charlton St. to Clarkson St. between Washington and West Sts. Hudson Rise would cost $200,000,000 less than the Department of Sanitation project, community advocates say.
    Richard Barrett, a member of the Canal West Coalition and the Sanitation Steering Committee, said he had expected City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and state Senator Tom Duane to attend the Jan. 15 presentation of the community alternative and to support it in front of the Department of Sanitation. But both Quinn and Duane had to cancel their plans.
    “That doesn’t mean that we won’t have more meetings with them,” said Barrett. “Chris Quinn has offered to set up another meeting. Until now, we’ve been forced to be reactive, but the Hudson Rise plan is proactive and we’re here to move it forward,” he said.
    Nevertheless, the Sanitation project has been reviewed and received approval from the City Council on Nov. 19. At that time, the Bloomberg administration made a commitment to hold off on construction for six months to give the community the chance to suggest alternatives.
    “We’re currently under a ticking clock,” said Phil Mouquinho, a Steering Committee member, at the Jan. 15 meeting, noting that the six-month grace period will end at April’s end. “We’ve cajoled, finessed and caressed D.S.N.Y. with alternatives, but we’re running out of time,” he said. “We still want to work with our elected officials, and we will be back in touch with Chris Quinn’s office to set up another meeting.”
    Project opponents have vowed to challenge the Sanitation Department in court under Article 78, which allows lawsuits against government actions that are “arbitrary, unreasonable and unlawful.” But no lawsuit has been filed yet to challenge the proposed garage for Sanitation Districts 1, 2 and 5.
    To realize the Hudson Rise plan, opponents are coming up with alternatives for the vehicles for Sanitation District 5, which serves Midtown between 14th and 59th Sts., mostly between Lexington and Eighth Aves.
    The latest suggestion at the Jan. 15 meeting for District 5’s garage was a parking lot between W. 50th and 51st Sts. and 11th and 12th Aves. — 622 W. 51st St.-627 W. 50th St. — owned by Gary Spindler, who attended the meeting. Spindler said he was ready to sell the city that 100,000-square-foot lot in a manufacturing zone.
    Spindler is also the owner of a smaller Hudson Square parking lot at Washington and Clarkson Sts., which the city, in a 2007 version of the Spring St. Sanitation garage project, had proposed to acquire for the salt shed. Sanitation subsequently refined the design of the project and decided to drop the parking lot idea and put the salt shed on the site of the current District 1 garage, on the triangular-shaped block bounded by Spring, Canal and West Sts.

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    Default Join Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed and Friends, March 23 Community Event

    see attachment
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