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Thread: New York is the best just like Italy

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    Default New York is the best just like Italy

    I have this friend that been traveling New York, I guess 7 years or so. When he came back he discover new stuff and that makes me get excited too. He said that learning other languages makes him more knowledgeable in term of communication skills. For me I have been interested in learning Italian Languages lately, as I surf the internet, I have found these language consolidator voyages linguistiques angleterre, estudiar italiano en Italia and Italian language school. The most cool thing I discover is this etudier a l'etranger une ecole de langue , this I highly recoomend.

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    Yes, that may be true.

    But I prefer to say "New York is the coolest, just like Antarctica".

    Well, it just is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregory Tenenbaum View Post
    "New York is the coolest, just like Antarctica".
    Have you been noticing what's happening to the Antarctic ice shelf?

    Penguins sliding around in the mud.

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    "Agent 99, it's the old spamming-a message-board-with-your-merchandise-by-complimenting-your-perscpective-buyer trick!"

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    Blatant spam. Ciao shandyads.

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    Missed it by that much.

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