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Thread: Fun dating ideas

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    Rapunzel, it seems like that's moving from a date toward a relationship.

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    I guess because Stern began talking a little about relationships, I did too. But some of the possibities I mentioned for women who won't pay on dates -- like cooking a meal or bringing along admissions passes -- can be done early in the dating.

    Do you want this thread to be specifically about men taking women out on the first few dates? I honestly wouldn't mind. I would stop writing about women's dating issues, save them for some future thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapunzel View Post
    I assume that these girls also never:

    - Made you a substantial dinner, lunch or breakfast. Especially dinner.

    - Packed picnic lunches/beverages for the both of you.

    - Contributed free passes to movies, museums, etc. to the date.

    - Got you tickets to something that you (not necessarily she) wanted to see/participate in.

    - Bought you a present (not birthday, holiday, or Valentines) -- just because you kept on eyeing it in store windows.

    - Carried a "cute" baggie of quarters for any time quarters are useful.

    - Spent time and effort providing (non-bedroom, lol) services for you. Random examples: Editing your thesis; going on a pesky, time-consuming errand for you; finding you a good accountant...

    So many girls are urged by older generations to never pay for anything on a date. Unfortunately, many elders forget to tell the very same girls that they must pay for some things in a roundabout way. (See list above.) Otherwise, the guy will begin to believe (correctly or not) that the girl is self-centered and that he's being used. Girls, are you listening?
    You got it. The technique I usually use is to go out with a girl for a while as friends, perhaps a month or so. In this time I don't make any moves, but spend time with her at dinner and movies, or so forth. This way she pays for herself as we're just friends. Once I ask her out, she is already in the habit of paying for herself. Although if its a girl that I'm crazy about I'll ask her out right away and pay for the first date in fear of losing her to someone else.

    Some other day I'll have to devulge my psychology about going about the bar/club scene...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stern
    Although if its a girl that I'm crazy about I'll ask her out right away and pay for the first date in fear of losing her to someone else.
    What girls' mothers and grandmothers teach them: "If he's crazy enough about you, he'll pay for the dates. If not... he's not worth going out with."

    (Don't shoot the messenger!)

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    coul plz some explain the difference between "dating" and "hanging out with" a girl?

    in NY is quite common to meet new people everyday, and you can have also dinner with 2 different girls in the same week. Paying all the time may be not easy.
    So far, I spent (for a dinner of two) something around 110-130 (with wine). Do you know (do they exist, I mean) nice places where you can spend less?

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    Default Hanging Out Vs Dating + Dinner Vs Lunch

    Hanging Out Vs Dating

    I would class hanging out as 'just friends' where either one or both parties has no intrest in the other.

    Dating is where both parties are interested in each other.

    Spending Less

    A nice cheap place should not be too hard to find in
    NY. I guess it depends on how much you are spening on wine.....??

    If it's not too much then I don't know how you end up paying so much. Most girls I know (including my Fianc&#233 would not dream of eating 3 courses.

    For a 1 course meal at say $20 X 2 thats only $40.
    Add drinks $20 fo a bottle of wine (which will easily last one course)
    Add tip and your paying $70

    That's about half what you are spending.

    Go elsewhere for drinks, if she is even half-decent she should offer to buy you atleast 1 drink after having been bought dinner.

    • Makes more of a night out of it, as when ppl eat more they feel more tired and don't want to stay out.
    • Financially benificial but not seemingly 'cheap'
    Small tip 1
    In a place as BIG as NY there has to be loads of restraunts openning and closing every week. When restraunts open, usually prices are lower and/or have special openning discounts. If you have a look for them you can save money whilst also getting the chance to sample new restraunts and that in itself is fun. You wouldn't come accross as cheap, just say there is a new restraunt just openned on ??st that you wanted to try. You never know you might find the new place to be before everyone else does.

    Small Tip 2
    If you cannot afford to pay for her cab there and back, meet her at the restraunt and catch the subway there yourself. That way you only need pay on the way back to hers to drop her off.

    This is only any good if you really cannot afford both ways and think using the subway would come off wrong. It is fine to meet someone at a restraunt as you may be working etc and need to meet her there. But paying for the cab back is the most important-esspecially in a city @ night.

    Small Tip 3
    Meet up for lunch instead. If you are hanging out then it's a lot more informal and you do not need to impress in the same way (unless you have different intentions). Lunching is cheaper, you eat and drink less

    The restraunts you choose depend on whether you are lunching or dining.

    Lunch can be more informal, cheaper and more focused on location rather than the most romantic etc.

    Dinner (when looking to impress) should be more formal, more expensive and does not have to be so convenient to get to (unless you work strange hours and have to go to work after dinner?).

    I am not the best person to advise you on examples of the above but I am sure if you let people know which you want they will only be too happy to oblige.


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    Take a walk up Ninth Avenue, from 44th St to 57th. The Nineth Ave restaurants are particularly good value. Walk into every restaurant that looks classy (or cozy), and pick up a paper menu. Take notes as soon as you're outside. Many places will have prix-fixe lunches and/or dinners because they are in or near the theater district. Your walk will be well worth it.

    Also cover theater district streets that appear to have many restaurants, (like 46th, between 8th & 9th). Some of their prix-fixe lunches and dinners are exceptionally good value.

    A picky, thrifty acquaintance of mine took his date to this place last month for lunch and recommends it:

    Meson Sevilla
    346 W. 46th St.
    Lunch: 12-3, Mon-Sat

    For $15.95 you get:

    Glass of wine or sangria
    Salad or Soup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapunzel View Post

    For $15.95 you get:

    Glass of wine or sangria
    Salad or Soup
    That's perfect- just the kind of thing I had in mind.

    This is probably one of hundreds of restraunts that look good and are easy on the wallet.

    The only 2 restraunts I have been to that would be worth suggesting are SAPA and Serendipity (If you book in advance). In expensive and both nice in their own unique way.

    Again it depends if its a date or not....and if its a date how much you want to impress.

    But I think if you follow the advise in both the previous posts you will not need to be spending as high as $110+

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankHegly
    This is probably one of hundreds of restraunts that look good and are easy on the wallet.
    Exactly, which is why I was hesitant to mention the restaurant by name and post the website. Just is, the members here like to see concrete examples.

    I have a gigantic, up-to-date file of paper menus from restaurants in NYC and Long Island. They all have comments, like last time visited, food quality, ambience, best dishes, etc. I'll be happy to give restaurant info out to the folks on this site.

    My friends and acquaintances contribute to the file, for the most part; I just house and maintain it because I'm accessible 24/7. ("Help, it's 4am and we need a sushi fix!") I'm thinking of giving the file a name. How does "Rapunzagat" sound?

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    I have a similar book which I use to index places and then restraunts/coutry pubs that are good in that area... me and my fiancé keep it in the car and then when we get hungry we can either add to it or use one of the listings.

    ...anyway this is slightly off topic.... so fun idea for a date....

    Broadway show..??

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    NYatKnight put up this link, and it looks like it could be a fun, novel dating experience:

    Ghosts of New York Walking Tours

    It's $15/person, daytime or nighttime, and... well... with something like this, you can learn A LOT about your date.

    Here's the WNY topic:

    Haunted New York

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    We have these in the UK and I love them. Always tell you interesting facts about the cities and also can be quite humerous- I think this is a top tip.

    I would first suggest checking out which type best suits your date... some tours offer comedy whilst some are to scare you with people jumping out etc.

    I dont know if the tours would be as good in NY as in the UK as the cobbled streets of York or the narrow roads in Edinburgh add to the feel.

    But I think someone should go and let me know. what they thought....

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    Hello Everybody,
    I wanna have a date a babe in new york, I have no choices to mention i will be in Manhattan in coming week.
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    You neeed to look a bit harder if all you are coming up with on your first two posts on the forum are bumps to threads over 3 years old......

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    Link was edited out, but 'dwayne' should have been banned. Just spam from India.

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