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Thread: 330 Madison Avenue - by Kahn & Jacobs

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    This was finished in 1963 and I bet it followed the pre-1961 regulations which called for all those setbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    It's been up for a while now, but I never see work going on. With that heavy-duty scaffolding installed it seems inevitable however.
    I work nearby ... Can confirm that they put up about 8 panels of the reclad almost a year ago exactly (presumably for demonstration purposes). They're right above the first setback (roughly 10 stories up) and can't be seen from the street.

    In the intervening year, there's been small groups of construction workers (maybe 3-5 at a time) scurrying around for a few hours a day seemingly throughout the entire year. Until a few weeks ago, they had done absolutely nothing I could see -- unless the fact that a few floors in the building are now empty counts.

    In the last few weeks, they've spray-painted orange markers on the exterior for the ~5 floors ascending up from the first setback in preparation for more work on the reclad, a bit like the GM/Newsweek Building that Moinian is mutilating.

    Will try to get some pics... When I took a few and tried to upload them a year ago, it actually crashed my HD, so I've been paranoid about doing so since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    While the old hotel that 330 Madison replaced is far better than the current building, I think that 330 has a nice shape nonetheless, as do many buildings from the 1970s. They're better than the simple boxes that schmucks like Macklowe and Zuckerman build today.

    This tower, with a nice new skin, will be nice.
    It's a nice shape but the skin is horrendous.

    If it comes out like the rendering then I will be happy.

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    An utter waste of money- just like 1775 Broadway.
    Fools and their money....

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    ^^ Disagree. 1775 Broadway is (we're on the border of "was") a classy building. In its pre-reclad state, it's nice to look at, and I can imagine a decent firm renting space there (without having seen the inside).

    330 Mad is hideous. It really is that bad. It's not just that it's dirty and tired-looking (which it is). It looks like it was made out of a cheap, plastic construct-a-building kit from 1971.

    The interiors look atrocious, and they've been losing lots of tenants -- there's now multiple empty floors in just a short stretch midway up the building, which hadn't been the case a few years ago.

    The 330 Mad recladding has the potential to make an awful building bearable. The one at 1775 B'way is turning a classic to mud. We'll have to see if either turns out to be worth the investment, but my tentative guess is yes at 330 Mad.

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    I agree with you, Stroika. The Newsweek Building was stunning and that huge schlong Moinian destroyed it.

    330 Madison, by contrast, has such a horrific facade with that ugly grey-brown brick, etc. Anything will be an improvement there.

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    Moed de Armas filed the following with the DOB last week which indicates that the new facade is on its way:

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    The following is on Sotawall's website.

    Thus, the long-delayed work clearly is underway, and this eyesore will be improved. Regardless of what anyone thought of the recladding of 1095 6th Ave., 330 Madison's current facade is an absolute POS, and the new skin will be a nice addition in my opinion.

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    Based on the following photo from Sotawall's website, it seems that work has started on the new facade.

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    Great update. This will look much better.

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    Literally just a face lift. In thirty years, when it gets dirty and tired, there'll be another face lift.

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    Wow What a nice change.

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    I am going to have to say I'd rather this reclad not happen. At least before this had the dark brick, aluminum, and glass, and I prefer the way it looks now. Granted, it should at least be cleaned, but I'd prefer it to a soiid glass reclad as it is now. It makes a mundane building even more dull.

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