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Thread: 330 Madison Avenue - by Kahn & Jacobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoldanTTLB View Post
    It's far less about the look of the building and far more about how people interact with it. Styles come in and out of vogue....
    New York is a sad product of greedy developers who care about nothing other than their own profits. For some reason, in more sophisticated cities like London, preserving good architecture and creating new, iconic architecture is important.

    Moreover, some styles are timeless. These buildings, which were built in London hundreds of years ago, still look magnificent and make London look like the world's greatest city.

    In the meantime, in our crap city, a 200 year old building can't even be saved. Who runs this f..king city in which things with historical value are razed? The Taliban?

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    Just as a little proxy I decided to check the average price per square foot of housing in NYC (Manhattan, not the entire city) vs. London. Looks like it's $1161 (from wired no less: in Manhattan and $1552 in London ( With that sort of incentive to reuse what's already there (we're talking a 33% difference/sqft here) it's clear how to build an ecosystem of preservation (or, if you want to think of it the other way, what preservation does for prices). If everything in NYC were worth a third more (all things being equal), I have no doubt there would be far less drive to tear down what's already here.

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    Well that's an interesting shift. Practicality as beauty is fine by me. I doubt the residents of the Wimmiam Beaver House, or the Brooklyner are terribly unhappy, despite living in truly ugly buildings. In the same vein, the people of my building are clearly quite unhappy despite it's beauty. Go figure.

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    It is not just the residents of the William Beaver who use it; in a larger sense everyone who has to look at that speckled beast is a user too. And because it is so egregiously offensive to the rest of the community, it fails as a work of architecture. No matter how practical it may be to the people inside who are not obligated to view its exterior, its ugliness is of no use to anyone and hence renders this building impractical to everyone else.

    There is an old joke that the people in Warsaw used to tell about the Stalinist-gothic Palace of Culture: it had the best view in the city, because it was the only place in Warsaw you did not have to look at it.
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    Thumbs up Ely Jacques Kahn

    He was famous. I like his earlier buildings.


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    I have friends who live in Liverpool and they don't even agree London is the best city in England. Haha. They even say it isn't the cultural capital of England, I don't know I guess its their opinion.

    My mom went to England years ago and visited London and said she hated it, said it was ugly and depressing. Not a surprise, she's a fan of Paris.

    I have yet to be to London, but I'll make my own assumptions then. New York was never intended for beauty though, its always been for making a profit, no matter what. I don't agree with everything that they do, but it happens. Just remember, old doesn't necessarily mean beautiful. London has its fair share of duds also. We'll just have to wait and see, hopefully this recladding can turn out decent.

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    Looks good, just wish these recladdings could be a little more creative. We're going to have a bunch of greenish-blue boxy buildings.

    The color looks very similar to 360 Madison. Only this has pronounced mullions.
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    Anything will be an improvement to this gross eyesore.

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    I think they could have cleaned / replaced the existing panels with similar ones...or at least give a nod to the previous design. The tower only looks bad now because it's dirty.

    I guess all-glass buildings will never look dirty-- long as they keep the window-washing guys working.

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    The main problem with 330's old facade was that crappy dark grey brick on the edges. It looked terrible.

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    Do you have any photos of 350 Madison's new facade?

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    Nope. I already know it looks awful.

    Large: ryanbudhu

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    That's quite sad.

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    Sotwall has new images of the work thus far.

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