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Thread: Race for the White House

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    Clobber me, but McCain, sad to say, is a better speaker than Obama... at least for this job. A better tone of voice, smarter theatrics. Funny that Steve Clemons in todays Huffingtonpost writes what I also noted and mentioned here a while ago:

    "He gave us a big dose of Ronald Reagan's national greatness flourish in a dignified, genteel and pleasant manner. In fact, now that I think about it, his speaking style reminded me a lot of Reagan -- without the memorable lines."

    I say the debates are going to be a lot tougher than we might have imagined. There have been speeches were he's a disaster, but when he clicks in, it works.

    I saw some of the ORielly interview: why does Obama sit leaning in? Head kind of hanging down. Lots of stuttering. ORielly asks a question... instead if holding eye contact ...he continualy looks down to find his words. He just does not know how to do this. And the foxy folks at Fox have the camera positioned so it favours ORielly: Obama looks trivialized.

    Watch how he's photographed from the back. Look how, in comparison, ORielly sits tall, perfectly still, back straight, head high. Catch Oreilly's smug smirk to the camera after the interview :

    He should have avoided that show. It will give him no benefit.

    Now take a look at how Hillary was handled. You can be sure her people made a few demands.

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    [QUOTE=Jasonik;249678]"If I Went into the Polling Booth Today, I Would Pull the Lever for John McCain" -- James Dobson


    Well he is no going to vote for Obama since he is a racist, so who else would he vote for.

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    Default The Green Background

    During McCain's speech the humongous screen behind him repeatedly showed the image of a big Palm Beach-style mansion which was fronted with an expanse of lawn (this the green which was seen surround McBush in close-up).

    What was that all about?

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    September 4, 2008, 10:38 pm
    Green Screens, Protests Disrupt McCain’s Speech

    Susan Davis reports from St. Paul, Minn., on the Republican convention.

    John McCain speaking at the Republican convention. (Getty Images)

    Republican nominee John McCain’s acceptance speech here got off to a rocky start as the same green screen that was so ridiculed during a June 3 speech appeared again behind him on the television screens and protesters interrupted his speech three times within the first 10 minutes.

    “Please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and static,” McCain quipped on the third incident to crowd cheers. The crowd chanted “USA! USA! USA!” when the protests broke out. The disruptions appear to have been from members of CodePink—who dress in pink—and oppose the war in Iraq.

    The ill-fated green screen shot was widely mocked. Comedian Stephen Colbert used it to launch the “Green Screen Challenge” inviting viewers to find more creative backgrounds for McCain, like this one.

    UPDATE: CodePink spokesman Jean Stevens confirmed that the group was responsible. She said the two women forced out of the hall by security were Elizabeth Hourican, 38 years old, of Phoenix and Nancy Mancias, 38, of San Francisco. Both women are fulltime activists, Stevens said, adding that they had obtained passes to the convention from disaffected Republicans and wore pink slips saying “McCain Equals More War.”

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    Well, I've watched clips of the entire speech, and happily, it was awful.

    At one point, McCain offered praise to his opponent, but it came off as completely disingenuous. Like saying you're sorry to your neighbor the day after your dog bit him, but offering to do nothing about it.

    McCain offered to work with the opposition on getting legislation moved through, but what followed?


    At that point, you offer an example.

    The only enthusiastic response from the partisan crown was the two times McCain mentioned Palin.

    That aside, even on production values (as Lofter noted). the presentation was amateurish.

    The speech is edited for television. TV will show a cursory view of the arena, and then it's a tight shot on the speaker's head throughout. The blue sky with flag becomes a bluescreen mask, and the green grass becomes greenscreen, evoking memories of MCain's pea soup speech a few months ago that was widely panned.

    The whole thing came off as a weather report with technical difficulties.

    When pressed for an analysis, Andrea Mitchell, one of the kindest people in TV journalism, shrugged "They got through it." And that was probably on target. McCain reminded me of 6th grade, when I had to do an oral report, and was worried more about looking like a dork in front of my friends. Remember those?

    At the close, McCain assured that the convention belonged to Palin, not him.


    As for Obama vs O'Reilly: Obama came off well. He didn't back down as O'Reilly pressed him.

    At the post-interview Fox savaging, "tough guy" O'Reilly stated, "I looked at him eye to eye. And he is not a wimp."

    Pretty good result from an appearance in the enemy camp. In contrast, McCain cancelled an interview with CNN because they were meanies.
    As for Obama and O'

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    Zippy, you are judging the content of the speeches... and of the OReilly interview. Agreed. But you are intelligent, you actually listen.

    To my ears too, Obama sounds thoughtful. That's who I want to be president.

    But unfortunately I think the Republican style will win the election. That's my fear.

    And say what you will, watch it again... the OReilly interview is not good... even the fact that he was allowed to be shot in that unflattering way makes me nervous.

    And BTW: Is Palin a hit because she makes sense?

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    Is Palin a hit because she makes sense?
    it's because her blouse is so open so far down
    Wasn't there some concern a while back about how high or low Hillary's top was open or closed?
    What gives?

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    I don't know who is going to win the election, but at this point in the cycle, you concentrate solely on individual state races. Polling and polling trends look good for Obama. Iowa was won by Bush; Obama has it locked up.

    Style [values] v issues depends on the prevailing national mood.

    The O'Reilly interview produced a favorable sound-bite from Obama's most strident media critic (unless you want to count the radio gas-bag). You can't ask for more than that.

    Palin should be ignored by Obama, except to the extent where her policies have conflicted with her running mate.

    **I can't locate it, but there's a press release from the Alaska governor's office in which Palin compliments Obama for his support for a gas pipeline in Alaska.

    In the end, Palin is not as much of a factor outside the cocoon of the RNC convention as is the top of the ticket. She energized the base. $1 million was raised by McCain the day after her speech; but also in response, $8 million poured into the Obama camp.

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    I can't wait for the debate with Biden, when she rolls her eyes and pouts... to grand applause.

    By that time, our own "Sarah Palin: Genuine MILF" thread will be about 500 pages long.

    Anyway, if she loses, you can bet she'll be offered her own morning chat show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrizio View Post
    Zippy, you are judging the content of the speeches...
    I was judging the energy level.


    That was the problem with the RNC going into the convention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrizio View Post
    ... By that time, our own "Sarah Palin: Genuine MILF" thread will be about 500 pages long.
    I'm hoping that by that time, someone has dug up nude photos of her -- not photoshopped ones. These American evangelical, holy roller types are actually wild so it would not surprise me if some are floating around out there.

    Anyway, although I'd love to have sex with her, she is an embarrasment to this pathetic country. She keeps asserting (with her annoying, Midwestern accent) that she's a "haahkey maahm." Does that make her qualified to potentially be the president or is it her steller credentials as mayor of a town of 5,000 people?

    If McCain is elected, America will demomstrate -- once again -- how sad it is. I think that the BosWash corridor should secede.

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    Default Pray the Rosary.

    I'm going to Church and lighting a candle that a sex-tape turns up.

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    With Levi?

    That would complete the white-trash tableau.

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    Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful. I'll keep that scenario in my prayers.

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    Best image from last night:

    5 ft Andrea Mitchell, microphone in hand, slowly sinking in a sea of balloons.

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