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Thread: The Reinvention of Identity in the Post Colonial Age

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    Default The Reinvention of Identity in the Post Colonial Age

    Post Colonization, the ethnocentricities of people are being expressed as never before. Mainstream media is losing power, and the internet is taking hold as the first source of information, news and political thought (with the help of tools like Twitter, and even social networking sites like Facebook)

    From patriotic army and navy videos on YouTube espousing the greatness of military forces put up by patriotic citizens, to cultural sensitivities and ideas being put forth by people for the whole world to see.





    to name just a few of the main sites, just show how how ethnicity has become an issue able to be voiced that never before. I am not talking about sites like Stormfront, Im talking about normal people expressing their views on mainstream sites.

    Heres an example

    From a poster on the Yellowworld Forum

    Whites (and especially Jews) are on the decline. Look what happened to Wall Street. The Fall of the Jewish Empire.

    It's time for Asians to fix the mess the whites and Jews created. We have already taken over academia and the elite universities. We have taken over medicine, science, and engineering. The Jews still have Wall Street

    Now East Asians are taking over Wall Street. They are figuring prominently into the elite Wall Street banks and financial institutions. East Asians main competition ain't the whites or even the Jews -- our greatest competition are the Indians (South Asians). Whitey will try to foment hostility amongst our South Asian brothers, but if East/Southeast and South Asians work together, we will be a formidable force. and the whites still have government and the media. The media is really the only thing whitey has left -- so they use every weapon they have to bash Asians.
    From a poster on the Braveheart Forum on IMDB
    I hated every second of this pathetic English bashing(in a cheap and laugable way) movie. IT STINKS!! Call me a troll! On this occasion I am one because this film deserves to be trashed! It shows such contempt for the English that it even has an Irishman playing the Kind of England(with a Godawful accent). Well since this movie shows such contempt for my country, then I will show my contempt for this movie as any proud Englishman should do.
    Would an opinion like that have been able to be expressed for the whole world to see even 10 years ago as readily as it is now? No, except at the local pub and then only to 1 or 2 or a handful of people at best.

    There is no greater evidence of this than the expression being made by those of British nations and European ethnicity, as these people tend by and large to have more access to English speaking websites and internet, but the wave of Indian, Asian, African, Oceanic and South American voices is approaching.

    How will society deal with the forthcoming cacophony of the Ethnocentric/Race Wars of the Internet?

    Will this mean that the world will splinter even more, as people start to slot into identities in the virtual world that they were and perhaps still are unable to slot into in the real world?

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    From Spiegel

    Virtual Mud Flung Between Greeks and Turks
    A Turkish court this week temporarily shut off access to YouTube in the country after a video insulted founding father Atatürk. Others moved to defend the Turkish hero in cyber space.

    Turkey, which hopes to join the European Union, has been roundly condemned for not doing enough to curb extreme nationalist sentiment and to protect freedom of expression. Criticism of Article 301 from the EU has moved the Turkish government to consider rewording the article but there is no talk of its abolition. With general elections coming up in November, it doesn't want to risk the loss in popularity that the gesture could entail.

    The YouTube video caused a media sensation in Turkey. The nationalist-leaning daily Hurriyet ran a front page story on Wednesday, claiming that thousands of people had e-mailed YouTube to protest the video. "YouTube got the message," was the headline.

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