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Thread: Smyth Hotel Tribeca - 85 West Broadway - Brennan Beer Gorman (BBG)

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    Default Smyth Hotel Tribeca - 85 West Broadway - Brennan Beer Gorman (BBG)

    Southeast corner of Chambers and West Broadway.

    75 X 100 ft site purchased in Dec 2005 by Tribeca Associates.

    13 story hotel with 114 rooms. Excavation is almost complete. Can't find any renderings.

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    I hope that it's impressive because the building they razed, while shabby, was nice nonetheless.

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    The ground floor stores were shabby, but the building was originally a bank, with a double height 2nd floor. The limestone was of high quality, and intact.

    I spoke to one of the workers during demolition. He said the stone blocks were being removed for salvage.

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    Some posts in Hotel News thread on this one, starting HERE ...

    A site has been cleared and excavation has begun on the SE corner of West Broadway / Chambers Street.

    This 3-story building used to sit on that site:
    128 Chambers St.: Non-working doorway clock

    Photo: (C) Tom Bernardin, 2000
    A google search of the addresses above turns up no info for a new project.

    DOB shows that a DEMOLITION Permit to tear down the existing 3-story building was issued on 7.21.2006

    DOB shows an APPLICATION for a NEW BUILDING ( Job #104472660 ) was submitted on 6.23.2006 (DISAPPROVED on 8.17.2006):

    Architect: Brennan Beer Gorman Architects ( )
    Height: 135
    Floors: 13
    Gross Square Feet: 92,647 Sq. Ft.
    Units: 114
    The bbg-bbgm website shows many "Hospitality" (Hotel) projects including the NYC Sofitel in midtown, the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, The Peninsula Bangkok, Turning Stone Casino Resort, the Mandarin Oriental Washington D.C. and some large resort hotels in China.

    A PERMIT to Excavate the site was issued on 9.21.2006:
    Excavation/Foundation filing in conjunction with New Building Application 104472660. Also filing for construction fence not to exceed 3' from property line. No change in use, egress, or occupancy.

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    Ablarc posted a photo of the demo, as seen from across the street at the Cosmopolitan Hotel ...

    The demolition in question:

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    Pomeranc Trying Something Different Downtown
    February 6, 2007
    by Joey

    Now that we've dabbled in 85 Adams today, it's time to focus on a different 85. Take a trip with us, if you will, back across the Manhattan Bridge and over by City Hall, to 85 West Broadway. What you'll find there is the next Jason Pomeranc hotel project, called the Smyth. Now, HotelChatter already made mention of the Smyth in December, but Braden Keil fills in the sketch with some nice color, and by "nice color," we mean, "holy crap it's a condo-hotel!"

    Well, sorta. Fifteen one- and two-bedroom apartments priced between $1 and $5 million will go on sale through Stribling in March, but Pomeranc says the units are first or second homes, not typical condo-hotel units where the rooms get rented out while the owner is away. Buyers will still get hotel amenities such as room and maid service. The 100-room hotel will open in (snicker) winter '08. It will feature a gym, a multi-level restaurant with a lounge and cellar bar, and a public rooftop bar that will definitely be the place to see and be seen, as long as the polar ice caps haven't melted by the time the ribbon is cut.

    · Pomeranc's Smyth to be Cutting Edge [NYPost]
    · Jason Pomeranc Blazes On in Tribeca [HotelChatter]
    · LES Mania #2: Pomeranc on Allen Goes Black [Curbed]


    Jason Pomeranc Blazes On in Tribeca

    Never mind that Six Columbus still has not opened, Jason Pomeranc and co. are moving forward with their plans for a hotel in Tribeca, called Smyth. A tipster sends us this little bit from the Boutique Search Firm December 2006 newsletter about the Thompson Hotels new hire for this property:

    "Antoine Berberi has joined Thompson Hotels and will be working as General Manager to manage and convert the existing Wall Street District Hotel in New York City. He comes from the Westin Governor Morris in New Jersey where he was the General Manager. For eleven years, he was in various positions with InterContinental in Al Ain, Dubai, Bali, Miami and New Orleans." I think the WSDH is a Holiday Inn, which would make this Thompson Hotel's second Holiday Inn conversion. Their website has been updated, and it shows a building drawing... I wonder if this is going to be on the five-year conversion plan like 6 Columbus?
    We certainly hope not. At least this building doesn't look like an overbaked shit cookie.

    Note: We spent three, count 'em, three proms at the Westin Governor Morris back in high school (except in the old days it wasn't a Westin) so if this man learned to handle drunk Jersey teens, maybe he can handle a Pomeranc crowd.

    Related Stories:

    · Jason Pomeranc: Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Opening Six Columbus Hotel [HotelChatter]

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    Here is the website:

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    Pampering and Sex Sell West Broadway Condos

    A marketing image for Smyth Upstairs, the condos for sale.

    By Carl Glassman
    POSTED APRIL 30, 2007

    Sex sells. But can it sell a $5 million apartment?

    The developers of a 13-story hybrid hotel/condo building, to rise at West Broadway and Chambers Street, are luring buyers with eye-catching views—and not just the ones up Hudson Street.

    The Web site and marketing materials for “Smyth Upstairs,” 15 condo apartments above the 100-room Thompson hotel, show leggy, minimally clad women exiting limos, flopping on beds, and ordering take out (room service, actually) in their underwear.

    The project coincides with a big shift in Downtown demographics. A recent census study by the city’s Department of City Planning showed that three-fourths of residents moving to Lower Manhattan in the last five years were men. And most were young, ages 25 to 44.

    “I believe the residential portion will be purchased by young professionals who want something in New York as a home base,” said Bill Brodsky, a partner with Elliot Ingerman in Tribeca Associates, the developers of the project. “I do not think it’s a family building.”

    True enough, though Brodsky called his marketing a “much more PG-13 version” than the X-rated shots first proposed by the campaign’s creators, Stribling Marketing Consultants.

    With 24-hour hotel services available to residents, the sales pitch
    appears to be aimed at buyers who are chronically overworked or domestically slothful, or both. As one promotional tag line goes, “Never make your bed.” It is accompanied by a photo of several articles of clothing (women’s) strewn near the door, apparently shed in haste.

    “We wanted to build something in the same vein as a Carlyle, Pierre or Marc,” said Brodsky. “A Downtown version of elegant residential hotel buildings.”

    Room rates for the hotel have yet to be set, but will likely be at least $450 a night. Apartments will sell from $1.2 million for a 600 square foot studio to $5 million for a 1,600 square foot penthouse.

    Tribeca Associates paid $24 million for the land, previously the site of a bank building and a shoe store that had been in business on the block for 56 years.

    Across the street, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where rooms go for $175 a night, manager Larry Bader said he is looking forward to his new neighbor. It will improve the block, he said, and bring hotel-goers to the area. Competition, he said, is not a concern. “It’s a different animal completely,” Bader said. “[The Smyth] is going to be one of your chi chi hotels. I’m your basic guy.”

    The Tribeca Trib · 401 Broadway, 5th Floor · New York, NY · 10013 · 21

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    Very naaahce!

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    "Hi, it's me... I just want you to know that I bought the cleaner and sealant from Nemo Tile (49 East 20th Street). The guy there is very helpful. He recommended the Miracle "Liquid Poultice" which comes in 2 bottles. Bottle A is cleaner and bottle B is activator. You just need to follow the instructions to mix them with hot water for use. I cleaned twice and most of the stains left by construction were gone. You may need to wait for a day for results. The sealant is 511 Porous Plus. That's 511 Porous Plus"

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    Use only as directed. Avoid contact with skin. Wear protective gloves and sexy underthings.

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    thank you for my first laugh of the day.


    This building BTW looks good. What is the cladding material? I can find no info.

    Fingers crossed for limestone.

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    I hope so. The demolished building was unadorned, but high quality, limestone.

    The rest of Chambers St between West Broadway and Church, for years neglected as the neighborhood changed, is rapidly undergoing a transformation.

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