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Thread: Developing a personal vision

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    Default Developing a personal vision

    It started as simple snapshots, images of the city. Buildings and skies, parks and bridges, years of pictures, thousands of files. New cameras with more pixels and heavier glass, but topics did not change much over the years.

    Guided mostly by my own aesthetics, taking hundreds of shots to get that one nice photo. At some point realizing that photography became an important part of my life and perhaps a more methodical approach would be appropriate.

    So now I am taking a course at the school at International Center of Photography. The name of the course is Developing Personal Vision. As the name implies, the goals are to understand who you are as a photographer, what are your strengths, what do you like to photograph, what is your vision.

    And frankly this is not an easy task. As part of my work for this course, I want to expand on the topics that I usually photograph, and this is essentially the point of my posting.

    I would like to hear your ideas and suggestions as to what could be interesting themes to photograph - places, events, people etc. Also, perhaps you have access to places that normally are out of reach of average Joe. I would be also interested in shooting portraits - let me know if you would model for me. And I would be interested in meeting with other photographers for a photoshoot.

    Post here, or send a PM, or email me at

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    I'd sit for a portrait (do I get a copy?).

    The one thing I fascinating that is not being wholly documented is the painted billboards on walls of buildings that are (1) lost forever to demolition or (2) revealed on building walls after decades (due to demolition of adjacent buildings).

    Now, back to my convalescing...

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    Maybe a you could use a theme of doorways or entrance ways into various building throughout the city. I'm sure there must be some interesting ones.

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    Which period of city architecture is your favorite, Edward?

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    Well, a lot of what I photographed before was related to architecture, so I am trying to broaden the scope of subjects I shoot.

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    (1) Develop your film noir. Run your fave cinematic moments of Citizen Kane on DVD, freeze shots, and try replicating them.

    (2) Hold a peculiar pet show: photos of people's iguanas, stingray fish, ferrets, dwarf goats, purple parrots, or just incredibly weird-looking cats and dogs.

    (3) Go under water. Start with a fish tank or a bathtub, and if that works out, move to a small pond. In no time, you'll be buying scuba gear.

    (4) Shoot an inanimate object or image moving. Make it move, if you have to; a fan or hose can produce interesting results.

    (5) Shoot with a monochrome bias. Avoid the green Orion women, the purple people, and "somethin' blue," since they have been overdone; otherwise, the creative field is open.

    Finally, if you have run out of girls to shoot, I'm always around.

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    How about people interacting with architecture. I know I was emotionally moved when I visited the Frank Gehry exhibit at the Guggenheim a couple of years ago and a slide presentation showed how people interacted with the bilbao, people sitting on the steps, watching the water reflection in the skin, exploring the grounds, just thoroughly engaged by the setting. There are a number of buildings that engage a captive audience in NYC, the Met for instance, people on the steps, people exploring the exhibits, people looking at the skyline from the roof. I would suggest the subject should be people interacting with architecture, your subject is not architecture itself or people itself, but the interaction.

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    You're especially good at watercraft with skylines.

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    Exclamation Architecture/interior/resident portrait

    Mabee somthing like AN urban three-part portrait? ONe the Architecture/building that a given person lives in,,,,,,, Two, the furnished/decorated room within that the person lives in ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Three, a portrait picture of the person sitting within that room/building.

    Each photo being mounted/displayed seperatedly: but togethrer - Sort of a photo triptych!

    This concept aint easy to explain, buy it think you get the general IDEA.

    p.s. I have another suggesttion (many actually) that I will send later!
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    Default photograph

    We are the New York Bird Club and we hold fly days for parrots. We are looking for another space, but hope to get one soon. If you know any large gymnasiums with high ceilings in Manhattan, let us know. You are welcome to photograph us as soon as we get a space.

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    How about:

    Illegally parked cars
    Police sitting around or ding decidedly non-police work while on duty
    Photographs of photographers shooting in NY
    Ugly babies and ugly kids
    Dogs and their masters (in NYC the juxtaposition is quite comical)

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    When I take a picture, either of people or buildings, I won't allow the picture to show anything but the purest form. No posing or "getting ready" for a picture. I dont think we are celebrities here to impress anyone. Catching a snapshot of someone or something in their most natural form is true beauty and true art.

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    Question Stieglitz

    Quote Originally Posted by clubBR View Post
    When I take a picture, either of people or buildings, I won't allow the picture to show anything but the purest form.
    Those words remind me of Alfred Steiglitz: of one my personal favorites.

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    Default take a picture

    take a picture of an emotion. capture the moment!...the joyful tear, the aggressive attack, anything that takes the viewer immediately into the moment....regardless of time!

    when i was about six years old, my sister fell ill. after spending almost 18months in the children's hospital recovering, she returned home. i had grown distant from my mother and sister as i was angry with them for going away for so long. i didnt understand at the time how serious her ailment was.
    the day they returened home, my uncle was visiting and we spent an hour studying his new digital camera. by the time my mother and sister returned, we had learned exactly how to capture a shot to the best ability of the camera.

    my uncle stood behind me staring through the lens of his camera as my mother and sister came into the kitchen. overwhelmed by emotion - both joy and anger - i turned away from them, now facing my uncle and tears welled up in my eyes.
    at that precise moment, my uncle took a photo. it wasnt until last summer, following my uncle's death that i saw the photo for the first time. i was then 19 years old and could scarcely remember the event.
    i found the photo, and immediately i was reminded of the intense emotion i had felt. the photo is of a young girl in the foreground, teary-eyed turned away from her mother's re-uniting hug. Her father looks on in the background, tears rolling down his cheeks as he witnesses the split in his family taking physical form.

    the emotion captured in the moment that photo was taken has not lost its effect. edward, capture the moment, see the faces and show the world the emotion which is around us every second of the day.

    Alison O' Dwyer
    Tipperary, Ireland.

    p.s. there was a national photography competition that i entered the photo into just before christmas. the theme was "capturing emotion". needless to say, the photo won first prize.

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    Alison: Can you post the picture -- or a link to where we can see it?

    Thanks ...

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