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Thread: Glenwood Plots New 25-Story

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    Default Glenwood Plots New 25-Story

    Sign of the Times? Glenwood Plots New 25-Story Development Near Lincoln Tunnel

    By Dana Rubinstein

    Could it be true? Luxury landlord Glenwood has filed plans with the city to build a 25-story rental apartment development at 330 West 39th Street, in one of the few new, non-institutional, new-building filings in recent memory.
    It's also Glenwood's first new project planned entirely after the recession began, though it will rise right across from Glenwood's soon-to-be-completed Emerald Green, at 320 West 38th Street.
    "We have confidence in the local market and we hold long term," said Glenwood executive vice president Gary Jacob. "So even if the market is weak, we feel in the long term it will be a good investment for us."
    The plans, which still need city approval, call for a 206,735-square-foot, 199-unit apartment house on what is now a parking lot that sits wedged between buildings on 39th Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, stretching through to 38th Street.
    The Stephen B. Jacobs group, the same firm that designed the Edge and be@schermerhorn, is the architect on the project, which will include about 40 affordably priced rentals.

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    The pic above is actually 38th st.
    This is the 39th st side:

    Just when I thought our block would finally be rid of all the construction blockage
    from Glenwoods other monster rentals they just put up :^(
    Those new Apts will have a lovely view of Changs mind numbing tri packs
    There goes the shortcut to my favorite Chinese food take out place.
    I guess I should be happy that it's a glenwood building going up here, blocking my view
    of changs tri pac towers'o garbage, instead of more garbage by chang?!
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    Maybe. Glenwood's typical stuff is only slightly better. You'll have the requisite tan brick building with a base and bay windows.

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    That's not what we got next door by them- or behind us by them...
    (maybe we got lucky-ish)
    Brick that matches the others on the block, Giant multi storied glass faced lobby,
    in the middle of the building, set slightly back from the east and west walls.
    Bay-ish type windows only up above on the recessed tower portion.
    The base which is clad with a mixture of brick, glass AND stone,
    actually looks fairly good from the street (the tower portion is another story).
    I'd take 100 of these over anything by chang any day of the week-
    Not sightly but 1000 times better than what chang pooped out across the street

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    Update on this building (330 West 39th Street) - I work in the neighboring building and can report this building is now at floor 21 out of 25. The building has been going up very quickly the last couple months. No cladding yet. I will take a picture shortly.

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    I'm is this project different from this one?

    So Glenwood's got two projects going right now on this same block and they're both 25 stories with about 199 units each?

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    They are one in the same, my bad...the building has different fronts on different streets.
    One big one of 39th, and a smaller one of 38th -connected in the middle.
    At the time I did not realize they were one and the same...
    Maybe a generous mod will do us the favor of putting the two threads together?!


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