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Thread: Safety in New York

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    Hi to everybody,
    I am new here, but I have a very important question.
    Coud you tell be anything about situation in Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, Ocean Hill, Bushwick?Is it still bad gang areas?
    I used to live temporarily in St Island in a nice area, but my bestfriend moved to Halsey Av (J) and I was planning to live with her, but I didn't know it was in a such area...
    She is Spanish, I am European. I am not racist at all, I have friends of all colours,but I want to feel safe.
    I hope you could help me...
    What is more safe...St Island (close to Saint George) or Halsey Av, Brooklyn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    Even on the affluent Upper East Side! You might get mugged by one of those old rich guys!
    It looks like there is a 1 am curfew in Central Park. At least according to this video. Can't say I had heard of it before myself.

    Besides, some of you here probably love hanging around the park at 3 am. Just like this guy did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoyokA View Post
    Do you want advice from other tourists with the same misconceptions or do you want the truth, advice from New Yorkers who live here and know. Central Park is very safe, I used to walk the park sometimes several nights a week, sometimes very late at night, around 3am some nights, around The Reservoir, which is at the northern part of the park, I would start from the east side and make a full circle. I have other friends who have slept in the park over night.

    But ignore what everyone has said and go ahead believing the Park is dangerous, perpetuate the false truths. I will tell you one thing though, people that think they are going to run into trouble, usually do, it just works out like that.
    Sorry Ablarc but this is the quote I meant to post. So Noyoka, you can walk CP at 3 am?

    Ever run into this guy?

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    CP closes at 1AM. If you're in there at 3AM you stand chance of interacting with NYPD.

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    Hi there,

    Please, tell me something about Queens, espesially Ditmars Blvd Asroria.
    I am going to rent a room there.
    Thanx! )

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    This place is so funny!!!! I appreciate that the poster was asking a serious question but the responses are classic!!!!

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