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Thread: Clinton / Hell's Kitchen Development

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    Yeah but likewise, by 2038 that $2M now will seem like a bargain.

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    Beautiful (...outside, anyway).

    Anticipated Walker Tower Sister's First Pads Officially for Sale

    by Zoe Rosenberg

    A graphic rendering of the tower's exterior, as well as a rendering of the entrance

    Sales have launched at Hell's Kitchen's much-anticipated Stella Tower. Of the Art Deco-style converted telcom building's 51 apartments, two are officially on the market: a 1,150-square-foot, 1BR, 1.5BA home going for $1.9 million, and a 1,727-square-foot 2BR, 2.5BA home asking $4.35 million. Despite its slightly less exclusive air compared to its sibling building—owing mostly to the tower's Hell's Kitchen location, where the median price per square foot is a mere $1,110—Stella comes with all the bells and whistles of an esteemed, modern classic tower, from 10- to nearly 14-foot-high ceilings, hand-laid oak flooring, custom solid oak doors, custom kitchen cabinetry, oversized tilt-and-turn-windows, and black marble, herringbone flooring in the bathrooms.

    The lobby

    A terrace belonging to one of the building's four penthouses was scouted
    on the building's official website this morning, but has since been taken down.

    In addition to the sales launch, Stella has officially declared their web presence with an alluring site. The project was developed by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group. CetraRuddy handled the conversion.

    Listing: 425 West 50th Street [Elliman]
    Stella Tower [official]

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    I was taking bets with the people in my building on who would buy this, unfortunately I won.
    (we live right across the street- on 38th where the pic below was taken).

    R Greenberg actually lives in our building (not very well liked before),
    and now selling out to Chang- I'm sure NOBODY will ever
    speak to him (in a civil manner), ever again!

    Sam Chang Signs $112M Deal for R/GA’s Garment Center HQ

    By Lauren Elkies Schram 6/30 11:48am

    350-west-39th-street (from the 38th st side)

    Prolific hotelier Sam Chang of the McSam Hotel Group signed a $112 million deal this past Friday to purchase 350 West 39th Street, home to global digital advertising agency R/GA, Commercial Observer has learned.

    Mr. Chang said he doesn’t know yet what he wants to do with the site, which can accommodate a building of up to 300,000 square feet. When asked if he would erect a hotel, Mr. Chang replied: “It might be a residential and hotel combination. I don’t know yet.”

    The seller, Robert Greenberg, R/GA’s founder, chairman and CEO, bought the two-story 1968 commercial building between Eighth and
    Ninth Avenues in 1984, as CO previously reported. R/GA will vacate the building next year. It wasn’t immediately clear where R/GA would be moving. A company spokesman didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Robert Knakal
    of Massey Knakal Realty Services marketed the building, which is between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, with colleague David Kalish.Mr. Knakal declined to comment.

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    Too bad. That suburban-style R/GA building is a breath of fresh air in the middle of an exhaust pipe.

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    Actually, this shouldn't have come as a surprise.

    While Greenberg is a Ben Franklin impersonator, he could also pass off as Gene Kaufman if he tried.

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    ^ Egads, I've been blinded!

    Hell's Kitchen Residents Think a 16-Story Building Is Too Tall

    The Elad Group is anxious to build a residential building on a vacant West 43rd Street lot with 15- and 16-story towers over Amtrak lines, but the developer needs special permits to build over the tracks and to have some regulations waived. With only generic designs as placeholders, Elad's plans were met with resistance from Community Board 4 during a meeting this Wednesday. The board said that Elad is rushing the permitting process and that the request to breach height limits is an order too tall.

    The property as seen from West 43rd Street. It stretches through the block to West 44th.

    The property at 501-511 West 43rd Street is zoned with a height limit of 135 feet. Elad wants to crank it up to 164 feet. There are much taller buildings existing (and coming) nearby, such as the 31-story Gotham West across 44th Street. But smaller building heights are still a fixture in the Clinton neighborhood. "These are heavy negotiations because we have Hudson Yards going to the sky in the south, we have the Extell stuff to the north in the Riverside South project going to the sky," said board member Joe Restuccia. He then referred to the negotiations over Gotham West in 2009 when efforts to establish height limits in the area ultimately became part of the 2011 West Clinton Rezoning plan. "We're talking two years of public debate."

    As this came up in the meeting, so did time constraints. The board has 60 days to consider the permits but City Planning is due to consider certification by September 29. Then the full community board (not just this committee) meets only a few days later on October 1 to discuss it. That hampers time to negotiate designs that don't yet exist. "Time is not working," one board member said. This happened because Elad filed with City Planning in June, but the board apparently didn't get notice until late August. This all came up in a dissident back and forth between Elad's executive VP Yoel Shargian and the board, but at least one board member responded as though he'd never been through a community approval process before.

    Elad's list of desired waivers.

    Complicating the height issue, Elad wants to fill some of the space with internal parking while offering your standard 20 percent of affordable housing. The parking would be stacked on the ground floor, which Elad representatives said can't be used for residential space. That became a point of technical disagreement from the board. The problem with parking, board members said, is that it takes up space that could be used for housing, including affordable housing, which in turn gives reason to build higher. "Some of it fills the middle so less of it fills the top," said board member David Solnick. Plus, he said, "in our community board that's been a 'thing' about not letting applicants putting in parking."

    One of the people with Elad Group pointed out that there won't be poor doors and that the project was filed through the inclusionary housing program, which would allow bonus floor area. But Restuccia shot back. "We are not interested in waving the flag of inclusionary zoning as the best thing in the world," he said. "If we lose a couple units, and we maintain the integrity of the zoning district, that is more important." Later, when asked what he meant when he told Elad not to "wave that flag anywhere," he said, "They're trying to say 'if you don't give us this permit, we'll build less affordable housing.'"

    The building will cover these Amtrak tracks.

    The site almost became a housing void when in 2006 developer Sam Chang bought the property to put up a hotel, then sold the site to Magna Hospitality Group in 2008. The site was never developed before its special Amtrak permit expired in 2010.

    What exactly the Elad building will look like is not yet for sure, but we do know it will look like two buildings, one at 43rd Street and one at 44th, with the shared first floor.

    —Shannon Ayala

    West Side Residential Site on the Market [Commercial Observer]

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    Default 351-55 West 54th Street

    source: YIMBY forums (

    16 Nov 2014

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    Sam Chang prepares to destroy more of the garment district...whatever happened to his developing only on parking lots...?
    "McSam Hotel Group‘s Sam Chang has closed on his $22.5 million purchase of the industrial loft building at 338-340 West 39th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues..."

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    The article does not say that Mr. Chang will demolish this building. So is it unreasonable to hold out hope for redevelopment?

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    Doubtful, he's already torn down another building very similar to this on a neighboring block.
    (maybe that's because he's already destroyed all the possibilities the now non existent parking lots in the area once promised,
    and now has no choice but to demolish real architecture to further expand his selfish, money making, shanty town empire.)

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    That building was built in 1926 and would scrub up really well, especially that nice detailing near the top .

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    Quote Originally Posted by scumonkey View Post
    shanty town empire
    Best quote I've ever heard about Sam Chang. He's a real-life version of Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life," only with s****y hotels instead of s****y homes. Arguably even worse - at least homes would relieve rent prices.

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    ahhh, these pics remind me that I sometimes really miss the old 'hood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    I think it's very decent, but that crappy gas station must go.
    This Speedway gas station (formerly Hess) is reportedly close to being acquired by a Beijing real estate company, which plans to build condos on the site.

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    The gas station in front of Gotham West is now being demolished

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