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Thread: 50 East 57th Street @ 432 Park Avenue (former Drake Hotel site)

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    Model of what's going up:

    New York’s Next Super Building – Drake Hotel


    You have probably passed by 56th and Park Ave. Hundreds of times and have wondered why is there a big open lot of space on the most prestigious avenue in New York City. This open area is the future site of the CIM Group’s construction of the tallest residential tower in New York.

    The tower will be named the Drake Hotel – 432 Park Ave, designed by Rafael Vinoly. The architectural plans show that a 1,300 foot tall will occupy that space. It will feature 128 condos with 12 foot high ceilings plus 5,000 square foot driveway to ensure privacy. The total cost of this super building is approximately $1 billion.

    Despite many rumors of drawings and renderings we at Elite Daily have obtained the official rendering and model that CIM has made. We are the first to have it the photo is directly below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great. A 5000 sq. foot driveway and a tall straight box with square windows!

    How did Vinoly ever come up with such an inspired design? Oh wait... he must've had his kid draw it with an etch-a-sketch.

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    It's like Vinoly's Domino Sugar scheme using only one supertall rectangular tube. Offensive and a discredit to the architectural profession overall.

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    More pics I forgot...

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    WOW 1379 that is sweet going to love watching this one go up.

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    Wow is right, great news, but I wish it were more iconic than just a tall box.

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    I really like the graphic image on the CIM web page, showing the new building in the context of the city scape. Sorry, but I just can not agree that this is NOT an excellent architectural design : it ia a masterpiece of minimilistic design, rationalistic modernist architecture at it best.

    To say it is 'bland'...'a mere box'.... 'talentless design work'. No way IMHO : this building is a beauty.

    I am surprised the critics here have not yet come up with the 'CIM City' dig. LOL
    SIM City -

    excerpt - Sim city has its roots in the Sin City of the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas, a sub-product deriving from a peculiar way of understanding the zoning principle of the Athens Charter applied to a continent. Sin City was a utopia that sprang up in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, with the sole aim of encompassing what the rigid morality of the post-war period could not accept in the cities of well-to-do families: The existence of gambling, prostitution, drugs, and murder.
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    excerpt - "It will feature 128 condos with 12 foot high ceilings……"

    They got that right too. The FAR zoning requirements applies ONLY to 'square footage' and 'floor area' - so why not build all new condos with high ceilings. The increased 'construction cost' would be a fraction of the increased 'selling price'.

    There must be some zoning technicality I am missing here; this is too obvious.

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    If they were building this all the way out to the sidewalk line of the property then they could run into sky-plane / set back infringement issues regarding the zoning text. But since almost the entire tower is set back from the street then the high ceiling heights probably don't create a problem there.

    And as you say, the high selling price of will offset the added construction costs.

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    tried to get a picture of the foundation work, but I couldn't get close enough. probably not post-worthy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Does anyone like this lame box?

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    Looks like Mack is back. Here's to you "Mack" - this architectural design is delightful -

    (Delight): Signifies that a design must have beauty. This involves order, arrangement, eurhythmy and symmetry. For example, in a design, each component is considered separately as well as proportionally to the whole. It requires an arrangement and an adjustment dependant on its character.
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