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Thread: New Tower at 227 West 58th Street

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    Default New Tower at 227 West 58th Street

    The NY Sun's May 3, 2007 edition reports that Extell will raze the building at 227 West 58th Street (and the adjacent structure) and will construct a residential tower on the site. I thought that Clarrett had purchased those sites which are behind her CPS property that she plans to redevelop. Does anyone know what's going on?

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    Here's the relevant excerpt from that NY Sun article:

    Developers Are Rushing To Beat the Tax Man

    May 3, 2007

    Parking garages all over the city are closing to make way for residential condominium developments. This past Saturday, the Champion garage at 227 W. 58th St. between Seventh Avenue and Broadway closed its doors. This garage and the adjacent building at 229 W. 58th St., formerly a hotel, will be demolished by Extell Development to make way for the foundation for a residential condominium. The work will be executed prior to December 28 to allow those who purchase the condominiums to qualify for 421-a tax abatements on the real estate taxes for the residential units.

    During the past few years, Extell has assembled a number of sites in the area, and it is proceeding in the demolition of several small office buildings to make way for more residential condominium towers. Directly across from Carnegie Hall, the company is demolishing an assemblage around 147 W. 57th St. A third site is one block north; the company will also build a condominium tower on the former home of the Hard Rock Café.

    © 2007 The New York Sun, One SL, LLC

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    Our long lost, amigo, JEFF PARK, posted this on a thread re: 220 CPS.
    PS: Does anyone know whatever happened to him?
    According to our friend Lois, the developer of this property plans to make it even larger


    "Veronica Hackett's Clarett Group, has purchased the tiny Carnegie Hotel at 229 W. 58th St. for $20 million from Carnegie Real Estate.

    It is a quick air rights hop to 220 Central Park South, which she plans to tear down and replace with a 41-story building. No plans have yet been filed for the new Cesar Pelli building and a sidewalk shed permit is merely for façade repair."

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    Default i believe this is the building . . .

    that gives the north facing owners of Metropolitan tower the shaft. No more Central Pak views for them.
    unless they are above the 50 floor.
    gotta watch those air rights.

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    There's no recent DOB action for the Extell site at 225-227 West 58th.

    But there's lots of activity going on around this site. As noted elsewhere, just to the east 220 CPS / 221 W 58th is now coming down. And the two little crappy buildings just to the west of this Extell lot (butting up against 240 CPS) are in the process of asbestos removal and will soon be coming down:

    229 West 58th DEMO Permit (Owner: 58 CENTRAL PARK LLC)

    231 West 58th DEMO Permit (Owner: 58 CENTRAL PARK III LLC)

    A search shows that 58 Central Park LLC was connected to the the Clarett Group, but it seems they're defunct.

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    Oooops ... I see Derek recently posted similar info in the 220 Central Park South thread, and identifies the developer as Vornado.

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