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Thread: Gene Kaufman...kough...kough, hack....hack...

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    NYC really needs some aesthetic regulations. Considering the expense and disruption correcting these mistakes will require, the likelihood we'll be stuck with them for a long time is great. With such a dense urban fabric, New York needs to be especially careful about what is built within it's city blocks (or demolished, for that matter).

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    Antinimby: some design inspiration. Click on the photos and compare them side by side:

    (BTW: do you guys prefer the rock or the fountain?)
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    ^ Good one.

    I have some taste, so you know I would've flunked out of the Gene Kaufman School of Design (for the Mentally Disabled).


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    What really angers me is that all these hotel chains (Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Radisson, InterContinental, Wyndham, you name them!) are stupid enough to go along with Kaufman/Chang's plot to screw NYC over with their cheap buildings. How can any of them not see that Kaufman's work is nothing short of laughingstock quality and reflects nothing of New York's rich architectural history?

    Seriously, it obviously takes Kaufman less time to design and sketch up his designs than for him to render them in his cheap rendering software. Heck, he probably thinks up of the building's design as he does the rendering (like this: I'll start with a 20-storey box, I'll clad it in blue glass. Now let's add vertical columns of red masonry, with a splash of grey here and there. Make the penthouse yellow. Done!). What a disgrace for an architect.

    Unfortunately, since 20-storey buildings are pretty much the norm in much of Manhattan, even for areas outside the commercial high-rise districts, those numbskulls at City Hall probably thinks of the impact of those Kaufman buildings on the skyline/streetscape as minimal, which is probably why those Kaufman buildings are being churned out at assembly line rates. But a bad building, no matter how short, is still going to screw the streetscape of a city over, even if it's not tall enough to stick out in the skyline.

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    I'm a gold level Marriott Rewards member. I can tell you that I absolutely take into consideration how a property looks and build it into my reservation decision. The only possibility that I can imagine is that these cheap ass, crap designs result in a lower PPSF and therefore lower room rates. However, I doubt that possibility will be a reality. These "affordable, limited service hotels" (i.e., Marriott Court Yard, Marriott Fairl Inn, etc.) are running $200/night and higher. I think there's plenty of choices in this city besides these ugl new properties. Yet, a lot of people on a Marriot Rewards plan will choose and ulgly Marriott property over a niver independent to get the points. If these were independent hotels, they'd be hourly rentals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citytect View Post
    NYC really needs some aesthetic regulations.
    I resoundingly agree. Some agency that has some influence and power to mandate unlike the LPC. This Kaufman dork, (or those Klondys incompetent and SOM sellout architects for that matter) would never get a job in this city if the politicians werent so freaking oblivious and they enforced some quality architecture.
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    Default It's still Nieu Amsterdam.

    The historical precedent in this town has always been about making money so while I agree with you, I think that this is going to be an uphill battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    The historical precedent in this town has always been about making money
    To quote the movie Wall Street: "Now you're not naive enough to think we live in a democracy, are ya buddy? It's the free market.."

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    I agree with Citytect that New York needs aesthetic regulations which will ultimately improve quality of life.
    Kaufman and Changs' designs look bland and simple. Are these architects popular amongst developers because they are cost efficient (cheap and gets the job done)?
    Dont you wish we can bring Art Deco back

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    "The historical precedent in this town has always been about making money"

    While that's true, the ARCHITECTURAL precedent of NYC, and we are talking about architecture here, has been largely about beauty and quality. If this were not true, how many of you would be interested in the city?

    Certainly plenty of ugly stuff has been built, but these guys are taking "ugly" to a new low.

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    I sent the following e-mail to Macklowe:

    Macklowe's greed is an utter disgrace. I was appalled when I saw the cheap box that "Billy" and Harry are constructing at 510 Madison. My disdain was particularly keen in light of the fact that they razed many beautiful structures in order to obtain that site.

    When I learned that they were razing The Drake, I was utterly nauseated. However, their planned destruction of several beautiful townhouses on 57th Street deals an even graver injury to our city's architectural heritage. I understand that these magnificent buildings and The Drake won't even be replaced with a great new building, but rather with a cheap, glass box.

    Macklowe's avarice and lack of concern for the city is reprehensible. At least other developers, like Rosen and Silverstein, hire world class architects, such as Foster and Rogers, in an effort to create new landmarks. The Macklowes, by contrast, destroy New York's architectural treasures and replace them with the lowest quality buildings. Your company is an anathema and should be banned from "developing" in New York.

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    Perhaps you should've downgraded your verbiage a bit. I doubt anyone in their office can define words such as 'anathema' or 'architectural'.
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    I see it as pure genious!!!

    I mean, I have never seen such a brilliant manefestation of 80's pop culture in my life!!!!

    I think this one is worth at LEAST 25 pts!!!!!

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    ^ hehe...25 points to blow it up I'm assuming?

    Golly, if I can just become a developer in NYC with plenty of cash sometimes in the future, the first thing I'll do is to try to buy as many of those McSam garbage buildings as possible and reclad all of them.

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    Reclad? just level them for everyones pleasure and wellbeing.

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