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Thread: Gene Kaufman...kough...kough, hack....hack...

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    Oh how I wish we had such a review board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynRider View Post
    Gene Kaufman is, without peer, the worst working architect in New York City. Gene Kaufman's putrid designs will pollute the city landfscape for decades to come and will become textbook examples of the absolute worst in urban design. If this city had an architectural review board, Gene Kaufman buildings would be rejected outright.
    Now let's back off for a minute.

    Many of Gene's designs are crude, primitive and tasteless.

    Others are crude, primitive, tasteless, and a little bit interesting:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrizio View Post

    ^ We'll all miss this howler of a description:

    "The design provides separate visual identities to two differently flagged buildings that nonetheless form a pair with a major urban presence. Metaphorical development of the images of the king and queen chess pieces, with attendant implications of privacy, duality, and gender roles, informed the design concept"
    The description may be funny, but it's easy to buy. I can see the metaphor, for what it's worth. I can also see the quotation from Graves' Portland building. Furthermore, I can see that this building[s] is nowhere near as screamingly dull as a run-of-the-mill Kondylis apartment building on West 42nd Street.

    Since we're as stuck with Gene as we are with Costas, we should encourage Kaufman's attempts to at least not be boring.

    Even if these efforts are crude, primitive and tasteless --and come with hilarious descriptions.

    I'll take crude, primitive and tasteless over deadly dull. Any day.

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    It's the 4th of July over by you guys.

    There is beer, drinks, killer punch. Everybody is feeling good.

    Instead, over here, the 4th of July is like any other day.

    And guess what?

    That building is ugly.

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    ^ But is it boring?

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    I'd rather be bored.

    To death.

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    LOL. Hmmm....Tacky vs Boring, quite the conundrum. Sounds like a good poll question.

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    Boring can be ignored.

    Tacky demands some attention. But ultimately is boring, as well (in its own way).

    If I had to choose:

    Tacky in small doses.

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    Tacky is unnerving, creates anxiety, the last thing Manhattan needs more of. Boring, if nothing else, is relaxing. As for the future, it's easier to 'spiff up" a boring building than 'dull-down' a tacky building.

    Quote Originally Posted by TREPYE View Post
    ...Tacky vs Boring, quite the conundrum. Sounds like a good poll question.
    Great idea^^ - Who's going to do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapunzel View Post
    Boring, if nothing else, is relaxing.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Those last few blocks on 42nd Street just before you get to the River: I get really relaxed going through there.

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    That's it, get relaxed and saunter off the pier.

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    Manhattan's getting soooooo boring.

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    ^ Grows more relaxing by the day.

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    Time to unleash another Kaufman-McSam beauty on ya.

    As some of you already know, this one's on the corner of Maiden Lane and Liberty Place right in the Financial District.

    Enjoy the loveliness...

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    He and his developers are so cheap -- they even create a blank wall above their own setback

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