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Thread: Lockers in NYC?

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    Default Lockers in NYC?

    The self proclaimed NYC expert (myself) has a NYC question...

    Are there any public lockers left in NYC? A safe place to stash a laptop, some books, note books for a number of daytime hours until I need them much later in the night?

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    I asked someone at the Grand Central info deck a couple of years ago and she told me I was an idiot for asking. Soooo definitely not there.

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    Have you considered 'trading favors' with a trusted person who has a place in the city? You have the key to the place and stash your stuff there; in turn, you do a small favor, like feed a pet, bring in stray newspapers, etc.

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    I could easily do that but the point of lockers is so that I could stash my stuff without bothering my friends.

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    More life-enhancing tweaks from Osama and the boys.

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    You could use NYSC gym lockers (52nd Street is open 24 hours) but you'd have to be a member and I wouldn't leave any valuables there . . . will keep mulling.

    ali r.


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