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Thread: How Big Is a City?

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    It's a minimum population density map

    Here you go, ablarc

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    ^ Checked it out. Still puzzled.

    What am I missing?

    Or is it just an error?

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    If you follow the link to URBANIZED AREA:

    Staten Island meets the density standard of at least 1000/sq mile (by 7 times), but not the contiguous standard.

    I know. It's the government, so it's dumb.

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    Here, I'll help the government out: The bridges make it contiguous.

    (PS: I guess Roosevelt Island also doesn't count.)

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    Statistics are only meaningful if they convey a meaningful and therefore otherwise observable truth.

    That brings us back to the original intent of this thread. It has since wandered into numerically-based maunderings and fantasies of little genuine interest. (At least to a maven of reality.)

    Who really cares what pass application of flawed numerical rules brings you to?

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    Census Bureau must be full of sophomores.

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    Facebook users within 50 miles
    Chicago 5,861,520
    LA 6,040,340
    Paris 6,436,460
    NY 9,114,180
    London 10,253,640
    sao paulo 11,881,740
    Tokyo 16,303,500

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    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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