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Thread: Favourite beers

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    Default Favourite beers

    Due to my forced sobriety at the moment my mind is on alcohol.

    What is everyones favourite beer?

    I have a soft spot for Glasgow's own Tennents but my favourite has to be the Polish Zyweic. Strong and tastes great!

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    Gosser (Austrian). The "o" has an umlaut.

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    Depends on what is available and what the mood is.

    One of my favs is Sammy Smith's pale ale. But things that can change it up can come in all forms. Fomr Sammuel Adams Double Bok (sp) to Weyrbachers Insanity (VERY strong stuff).

    Lotsa good things, I just have not been able to buy many things that are far from the norm recently. No way to sample easily, you know?

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    Pilsner Urquell


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    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    Pilsner Urquell

    The other Czech beers are pretty good too.

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    The local, smaller-brewery beers ARE very good but somewhat on thw hwavy side, more 'bock' (and cloudy) style than 'pilsner'. the other "mass market" Czech pils like Staropramen (4/5) and Budvar (2/5) are good to ok but not as smoothly malted and consistently hopped as P.U.

    Pilsner Urquell is a great tasting and very refreshing beer with a mere 4.6% alcohol (obvious benefits, etc.). Also, barley only, no other junk grains. I jsut cannot get a hangover with P.U. .

    All subjective of course, but i have, repeatedly, tried many oither brands from many countries. Stella Artois (ONLY in Belgium, not the shite they sell abroad) is also pretty good IMO.

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    But, Ablarc, you strike more as a champers guy. My fave bubbly (again, tlaking mass-market, non-vintage) is Taittinger and Billecart-Salmon. Yours?

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    San Adams Boston Lager

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    Any beer that can take my mind off living in such a cold, harsh world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    But, Ablarc, you strike more as a champers guy. My fave bubbly (again, tlaking mass-market, non-vintage) is Taittinger and Billecart-Salmon. Yours?
    ^ Astronomically priced.

    A good mid-priced American: Korbel Brut.

    And a totally acceptable Spanish cheapie in an especially nice bottle: Freixenet Brut.

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    I like citrus and pale ale beers. Hoegarden and BlueMoon are two of my favorites.

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    Default My date is paying for it, right?

    If it's his favorite beer, and if it tastes good, then it's my favorite beer.

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    I like light watery Italian beers like Birra Moretti and Peroni. Great at the table with food.

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    so many beers so little time!

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