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Thread: The Centurion - 33 West 56th Street - Condo - by I. M. Pei

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    That's FLAT!

    Similar in a way to the UGH but much cleaner.

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    "The Centurion, the first residential condominium in the world to be designed by Pei Partnership Architects with legendary architect I.M. Pei. In creating The Centurion the Peis sought to update a century-old tradition of characterizing elegant residential properties with handsome silhouettes, rich materials, and gracious appointments. The architects' respect for the restrained elegance of the townhouses, boutique hotels, luxury merchants, and corporate headquarters that compose this world famous neighborhood is immediately apparent in their design for The Centurion. The Peis chose to clad all four sides of The Centurion's magnificent 19-story facade in fine Chamesson limestone quarried from the Burgundy region. Each hand-set stone is a warm beige color animated by gentle wisps of brown veining. The entire facade rests on a base of dark gray Jet Mist granite. Formed by a succession of setbacks and a symmetrical arrangement of five double-height windows, the south-facing principal facade gives The Centurion a unique vertical presence that draws the observer's eye upward. This profile of cascading terraces forms a limestone sculpture that is visible to pedestrians approaching from Fifth Avenue. Sales presentations begin on July 9th in the sales center located in the offices of Stillman Development International, managing developer of The Centurion"

    Listing Information
    Property ID: 1046351 Price: $8,500,000 Bedrooms: 3 Rooms: 6 Baths: 3.5 Sq ft: 2,023 CC/Maint: $3,092 RE Tax: $1,075 Type: Condo Built: 2009 Floors: 19 Units: 48

    Amenities and Features
    Doorman/Attendant Garage Washer/Dryer Pets Allowed Metropolitan Built: 2009 Floors: 19 Units: 48


    New York Times listing
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    I'm sure it's a very well designed building with excellent materials and workmanship. The block just doesn't feel that residential, with all the restaurants and small businesses. Narrow street, mid-block location. The scale of the building vs the block seems a bit too much to me. On the surface, saying 'IM Pei, just off 5th Avenue' sounds very glamorous, but the actual feel of the block won't live up to that.

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    The buildings on the other side of the block with all the restaurants are not protected.

    Don't be surprised that within 10 years a comparable building rises along the south side of the block.

    For me what makes the block less desirable is the banal thru-block passage way a couple of lots west of the Centurion.

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    You mean the walkway with Bay Leaf and Benihana on 56th leading to Nobu on 40 W 57th?

    I kind of like the high-low Japanese-ish restaurant continuum.

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    That's the one. The restaurants I have no problem with. Perhaps it needs more of that -- and somethng that stays a bit lively into the nighttime hours. Maybe its the long-empty lot nearby. But that whole end of the block seems weirdly not-upscale, which is what The Centurion is all about.

    This block has something of a split persoanlity and the two ends have little to no relation to each other.

    If I had multi-multimillions to spend this block wouldn't be my choice as a place to live.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by econ_tim View Post
    This pales in comparison to what we lossed.
    It's unthinkable someone would come and destroy these.

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    It's what is happening to NYC these days, especially in midtown. Old world charm is being razed and replaced by this ugly stuff. Some cities would not allow such destruction. Equally as bad, building tall masterpieces on empty lots seem to be fiercely opposed in midtown.

    At least for now, I am looking toward downtown for inspiration in new skyscrapers, not in midtown.
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    There's really nothing that can be done to prevent old structures from being demolished unless it has been given Landmark status, which only few buildings get.

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    i really am all for demolishing old ugly walk ups to make way for tall and sleek towers... EXCEPT charming buildings like those above^^^ there needs to be some kinda new standard on demolishing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philvia View Post
    ..there needs to be some kinda new standard..
    I assume you mean other than paying more than a developer is willing to pay -- the old fashioned private property way.

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    Seeing those pictures side by side really says it all. Pei's tower looks like a pile of boring crap in comparison.
    I'll never be able to walk down that block without being sad for the loss of those grand buildings.

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    This really makes me want to cry. This, and the soon to be loss of the 57th street townhomes, and the buildings destroyed by Extel across from Carnegie. I have lost all faith in the American people seeing things like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scraperfannyc View Post
    Old world charm is being razed and replaced by this ugly stuff.

    Equally as bad, building tall masterpieces on empty lots seem to be fiercely opposed in midtown.
    One inherently causes the other. What's amazing to me, is somehow I think many of the people that are opposed to the later, and equally opposed to the former.

    The, zero growth position never holds up in the real world, and it always has bad consequences when it's implemented.

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