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    After seven years, I'm breaking up with my apartment.

    Though I've effectively been living with my boyfriend for a few years, I've felt the stubborn need to cling to my own independence, and the apartment allowed me that. Because of various issues, but basically because it's just time, I called my landlord and gave her up today.

    She has been good to me- she's cheap, well-located, and full of character. After the requisite time with roommates, she provided me with a stable, quiet place to rest my head at night. I loved that she was built from the wood dredged up from sunken ships in the Harlem River in the 19th century. She gave me the once-in-a-lifetime experience of actually discovering a secret room in your own home. Most people will only find that in dreams, but my apartment actually housed a 5x5 foot former light and air shaft that I only discovered after living there for at least a year. The door had been painted over so many times that I had to open it with a crobar, but there it was.

    Walking up the block was like a victory march- giving high fives and waving at all of the neighbors I've come to know and love after so long. And at the end of the month, it will all be gone.

    I'm sure that some of you have had your own difficult farewells to the places you've lived, and I'd love to hear about them at this point.

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    What are your plans now?

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    In the context of a timeline, my first NYC apartment, 10 years. East 18th Street.

    1976 1986

    $365 a month 2 bd, 1bth went co-op, sold for $200K
    Union Square scary Union Square fancy
    Max's Kansas City competition for pre-school
    Channel J Channel 35
    Coca Crystal Pee Wee's Playhouse
    Plato's Retreat Ben's Children's Furniture
    Famous Ray's Famous Original Ray's
    Arnold's Luncheonette on 3rd and 19th Lyric Coffee Shop
    Ess-a-Bagel Ess-a-Bagel

    I'll never forget my first night...came in a, turned on the light and the walls were crawling. Started smashing every cockroach. Turned the lights off and on till the sun came up. Thought I could solve the problem in one Roach-aggedon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkDoc View Post
    What are your plans now?
    I'm moving what little stuff I have left in my old apartment into my boyfriend's place just a little farther north in the Bronx.

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    Be careful -- once you move in together, they start pilfering your CDs, and before you know it, you're married.

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    Oh, we've already been there, back and around-the-bend, FrontPorch. That's how in love with the apartment I was. I've left the wife for the mistress.

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    I kind of went through the same thing. I had bought a beach house after high school and lived there from the time I was 20 until I was 30. Ten years! A long time to live one place and a great sense of security. I got a itchin' to change up my life a bit and, ultimately, decided to sell the place. I put it on the market and it was sold within 45 days. I really wasn't ready for it to come so fast, but I moved along with the plans. To this day, I still have recurring dreams about the house, that I still own it, and that I only need to go there and move my stuff back in to get resettled. I moved in 1992, so this is a very persistent dream.

    I never lived with anyone until after I moved. That is the plus side. Breaking up with house allowed me to develop great relationships and, after living with the first love of my life, I'm now living the the second love of my life. It's a trade off and a good one at that. (I don't really miss home ownership - I moved to a gentleman farm up by Lake Placid after the beach and I'll take a city apartment over that any day.)

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    How timely. As of September 1st, I'll be out of the apartment where I've lived for two and a half years. Now while that isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, this is my first and only apartment I've had. So give me two months and I'll have a story to share.

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