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Thread: Domino Sugar Factory renovation & additions - Williamsburg - by Beyer Blinder Belle

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemSkroob View Post
    The MTA thinks it only needs a train every 10-12 minutes during rush-hour! The JMZ doesn't have the yuppies of "new brooklyn" and manhattan that seem to be required to get reasonable public services.
    During the height of rush hour, trains run every 5-7 min on the M (and even more frequently on the shared section with the J/Z).

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    Sorry, I think my use of the term load was confusing. There is nothing, from a technical perspective, preventing the MTA from running more trains. It is not anywhere near the theoretical maximum of about 30 tph. That means that the load on the infrastructure is low. The 6 tph that are running right now may, themselves, be rather packed. Unlike the 4/5/6 or the E/F in Queens, there is plenty of headroom for more trains should the MTA reevaluate the situation.

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    SLoP architects is bringing Bangkok to Brooklyn with their take on the Elephant Building. For more, refer to YIMBY:

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    Christ. I was hoping for an improvement. Do the holes in the buildings or skybridges serve any rational purpose? Do they justify the added expense and complications? Or is it just showboating and peacocking, like some maladjusted pick-up artist?

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    I don't think they serve any purpose. At least in Paris la Grande Arche de la Defense almost lines up with and is meant to be evocative of L'arc de triomphe. The holes in the building in Bangkok are needed to make the building resemble an elephant. In Suzhou the building is designed to resemble pants. Here it's just assymetrical buffoonery.

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    I misspoke when I said SHoP was looking towards 90s Bangkok for inspiration for their avant-garde non-contextual architecture. The real inspiration was 90s Mexico City:

    Truly original, inspiring, non-contextual architecture! Unless your context is the 1990s in Bangkok or Mexico City.

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    SHoP isn't designing most of the towers. They're really just massing placeholders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    SHoP isn't designing most of the towers. They're really just massing placeholders.
    SHoP is the 'design architect' on these new SHoPalicious towers; at lease from what I gather here from -

    I would call/email my old friend and associate Greg 'P' to get the story myself: but apparently he is way too busy to talk to a lowly ex-coworker such as myself. LOL

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    Excavation Begins at Former Site of Pop-up Park Next to Domino

    by Rebecca
    March 23, 2015

    Two Trees has put up construction walls and started excavating Domino Sugar Site E, a former vacant lot the developer turned into a temporary community space, park and garden called Havermeyer Park. The inland site sits across the street from the main factory on Kent Avenue, between South 3rd and South 4th streets.

    Two Trees broke ground there earlier this month, kicking off construction of the first building in its huge redevelopment of Domino. As reported, the building at 317 Kent Avenue will be a SHoP-designed, 16-story tower with 522 rentals, including 105 affordable units. Construction is expected to finish in 2017. The developer has also promised to rebuild the park next door to Domino and open it this summer.

    Meanwhile, across the street, workers have finished carting away the remains of the demolished buildings on either side of the landmarked Domino factory. The abandoned cranes have also been pulled away from the water’s edge, and they’ll eventually be incorporated into a five-acre waterfront park with a High Line-style “artifact walk.” Click through to see what’s behind the fence at the main Domino site.

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