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Thread: Domino Sugar Factory renovation & additions - Williamsburg - by Beyer Blinder Belle

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
    But I bet it would be much more effective for practically any use, to clear the land, and then build something designed directly for the purpose...
    As an architect I must vigorously dispute this. The ill-fit between the original form and the subsequent function is precisely the source of a much-heightened delight and commodity in the Tate and such of its cousins as, for example, every SoHo residential loft. Do you suppose even a Trump or Rosen would let me propose in new, purpose-built residential construction: fourteen-foot ceilings, exposed brick walls, cast iron columns, industrial wood floors...? Such furbelows would break his budget.

    The fact that all this illogical building mass (an objet trouve) is already built and available is a wonderful resource that you can't duplicate with new construction. Wouldn't you enjoy living in a converted barn or church? Aren't you aware that the Frick Museum and the Louvre are both old houses? Boston's obsolete Custom House office building makes a terrific hotel --as does the same city's police station. Come to think of it, how about New York's very own police-station-now-luxury-condos in Little Italy.

    The old building becomes an active participant in its own re-invention into something vastly better than achievable through purpose-building. Look what re-imagining the High Line's function is doing economically for Chelsea.

    For a discussion of this principle applied to music, consult John Cage.

    * * *

    You need to reconsider your position. You don't have a case, I'm afraid.

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    I think Domino Sugar, The Tate Modern, and MikeW, should all be aluminum sided. That seemed to have worked out well in the past.

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    I think that was a shot.

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    ^ Cheap?


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    Default Domino = Van Alen Institutes

    Will someone please write the Van Alen Institute and ask them to send a letter to the CPC ASAP asking for a architectural competition for the Domino site! PLEASE - ASAP!

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    So the Domino Sugar Refinery has finally been granted landmark status.

    Pity about the sign and its building though.
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    The fate of the sign has yet to be decided.

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    From brownstoner:

    February 1, 2008

    Domino Sugar Factory Proposed Addition Revealed

    With developer CPC and architects Beyer Blinder Belle beginning to make the rounds to sell their proposal for modifications to the now-landmarked refinery building of the Domino Sugar Factory, it was only a matter of time before the closely-guarded renderings came to light. We crammed into the Community Board 1 headquarters last night with about 15-20 other people to catch the powerpoint presentation and came away with a few dozen photos. The money shots are above—the five-story glass addition to the roof of the refinery. The big-picture plan for the building includes 30,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor, community use space on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, and residential from the 5th floor up. (No pedestrian bridges though!) The residential portion will have a courtyard hollowed out in the middle of the building. Two other high-level stats for the project as a whole: 2,200 residential units and, get this, 1,550 underground parking spaces. The developers had originally hoped to have begun the ULURP process by February but it's now looking more like April or May.

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    Cool. They look wild. I am glad they save the 'main' domino building and they are keeping the big chimney. Oh, it make me think of the Powerhouse in LIC. Sad they did not built that old scheme they had though about.

    But about this development, I am not a big fan of multiple buildings of the same style and design. So I am glad they all have a little touch of difference. Individually, the design for each tower looks strangely good.

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    With the addition of so many new towers why do they have to put what looks like an approx. 5 storey addition on the historic factory? Why not just add that space to one of the towers? I actually like the towers and I think the juxtaposition would look good. Adding that addition to the factory is just pointless overkill.

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    I think thats the concept though, the towers are supposed to imitate what the factory looks like and without the addition it blows that idea out of the water.

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    I'm pleasantly surprised. The interaction between the towers and the factory comes off well (in the renderings at any rate), and I like the glass addition to the factory -- reminds me of the Herzog & de Meuron Philharmonic in Hamburg's HafenCity.

    It beats the pants off the recent planned conversion of a Mead McKim White power station somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens (can't remember which station... anyone know?) -- that was terrible, unimaginative, Costas-unspired garbage.

    Also, the Brooklyn/Queens waterfronts are pretty miserable, both in terms of their skyline and what's actually on the ground when you're there. This will at least give a hand to the skyline element...

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    Looks like a city in ruins. Like the most recent monster destroys NYC movie.
    Seriously. They are bad.

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    I think on top of the glass there should be a little concrete and on top of that a little ceramic flourish that can also be put on Lady Liberty's torch to reflect democracy and affordable housing in America. Interesting discussing and I read it all. I dispute one thing absolutely, I would bet my life Domino did not refine 98% of all sugar in America on this site, this is an absurd number. If it would make any sense at all, it would be about refining all EXPORTED sugar I would think, but even this seems absurd. The buildings look, I think, fairly ugly in part because they are not that different, it is a project in some fancy garb, just some more apartment towers that get old pretty fast but don't get better at all.

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