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Thread: Proposed - 111 Washington Street - by Costas Kondylis

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    Well, I invite anyone to buy up Sam Chang and tear down everything he owns right now, but my few thousand dollars won't be doing anytime this year, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaffster View Post
    99 Washington Street should have its own thread.
    McSam-Kaufmans shouldn't have individual project threads. They don't deserve it.

    Just put them in the McSam thread here or put them in the "Kaufman...kough, kough...hack, hack" thread here.

    We don't need McSam-Kaufman litter all over the place. Put all the garbage where they belong: in the dumpsters.

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    That ^ is a very valid point.

    Keep the trash in one bag.

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    Does anyone know when they will start building here?

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    i just mentioned this on the 123 washington thread, but apparently the PA is putting trailers on the 111 lot for a WTC 'staging area'. anyone know the details? we know this lot was poised for development w/ a rendering on the bcn development web site- maybe the financial crisis is causing swift shifts in plans????

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    I had the same general thought - that the lot is being used to facilitate work elsewhere.

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    October 24, 2008 Trailers on Liberty Street Moving South

    There are plans to widen the Liberty Street sidewalk in the coming weeks The trailers situated atop the sidewalk shed outside 130 Liberty Street are planned to be moved this weekend. On Saturday, October 25th, Port Authority crews will use a crane to remove and relocate the trailers, now on Liberty Street between Greenwich and Washington Street, to the vacant lot at 111 Washington Street. With the trailers moved, the Port Authority plans to widen the Liberty Street sidewalk in the coming weeks.

    From: Lower

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    Default Market Troubles Cancel Project

    Unfortunately as 2 Black Dog posted earlier on 111-115 Washington St thread, the Nassi project is dead, most likely they will lose $5-7 mil deposit, Brauser is legally entitled to keep the down payment. I would rather have seen it go thru, now with the economy and the future collapse of lux condos etc, it will be a long time before anything becomes feasible.
    No one likes bad news, this will make the Lindsey days look like a cakewalk. Too much leverage period, on everything. I wish us all well with our new Prez. Let's just hope it's only a 3 year recession and not the other dreaded d word.

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    Im glad this is dead. maybe this sites next incarnation will have a better design backed by a better developer.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the revived project ends up being a hotel tower taller than the W next door.
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    The first rendering reminds me of Gary Handel's Four Seasons in Miami.

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    Not a good look. The second rendering reminded me of Trump SoHo. I really don't like Handel's buildings.

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    I thought the same thing about the second rendering. While both are lame, they are better than I expected for this area. (I expected a real POS.)

    When I was in NY two months ago, all of these buildings were still standing. Have they since been razed? That would really suck.

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    Yea, they're there. Don't think they're being torn down either. The two developments on the block will bookend those low-rise buildings. I believe McSam bought the air rights from at least one of them to build his 30 story tower next door at 99 Washington.

    So good news for this block. Two ugly parking garages were torn down and the low-rise buildings were preserved.

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    That's great news. Are all three definitely being preserved? I recall there was some preservation effort. It would be a shame for a McSam to rise in a place that will have views of NY harbor and the WTC.

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